Does FaceTime use minutes?

  • 26 November 2016
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Maybe a stupid question, but does FaceTime use talk minutes (prepaid plan) or just data? i have unlimited data but very limited talk minutes so I don't want to use it unless I am sure that it won't eat my minutes. Thanks!


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No it does not. It uses data.

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FT uses data. (unless on wifi)

‌so it's data no talk

is skype the same?

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Skype uses data.

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‌Skype and Facetime uses data, unless you have your phone in WiFi mode. 😎

Yes they charge you.  I made a mistake having a simm with international, no charge for international, unlimited data  for $80 dollars a month. They charge add on top other $100 dollars just the first month for Face Time Call, eaven for the call made with wireless connection. All of them.  A local Simm card here in  Indonesia will cost $2 dollars and make all data free.  Thieves

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magenta3785542 wrote:

Yes they charge you. I made a mistake having a simm with international, no charge for international, unlimited data for $80 dollars a month. They charge add on top other $100 dollars just the first month for Face Time Call, eaven for the call made with wireless connection. All of them. A local Simm card here in Indonesia will cost $2 dollars and make all data free. Thieves

Got a screenshot of those charges?  From what I gathered Indonesia has a toll for anyone not using their services which has nothing to do with the carriers outside of Indonesia and everything to do with the countries laws.

This is categorically untrue. They may charge you for wifi calls, but T-Mobile has no record of Facetime calls. It only uses your data allotment.

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I agree, T-mobile has no say over calls made by VoIP services like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and etc. It is all just data to them.

Not true. I have been charged for FaceTime, WhatsApp calls and Skype calls. Christian and Vaughan with T-mobile both confirmed that T-Mobile does not support Data calling on WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Viber, or any other app. If you call someone on FaceTime, Whatspp, Skype, Viber or any  data app, Tmobile will charge you. It’s a scam to charge high fees. I had AT&T for 10 years and was never charged for international calls on FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp. Three days on T-Mobile and my bill is more than my mortgage.

This is categorically untrue. I'm sorry to be so emphatic about this, but this is just plain wrong and you're spreading misinformation.

This can be easily demonstrated by disabling your cellular connection and utilizing wifi to make those calls. T-Mobile has no way of knowing how you utilize your data. You can further illustrate this by turning on a VPN, which would effectively encrypt the traffic, and these services would all operate as intended. Data is data is data. If you use your cellular connection, then it will count against your data allotment.

I'm not sure who "Christian" and "Vaughan" are, but if they told you T-Mobile does not support data calling they either misunderstood what you were asking or they were ignorant. Having utilized T-Mobile in 30+ countries, I can tell you unequivocally that as long as you're using a 3rd party to make those calls, they will not be charged against your minutes. To even suggest otherwise is to fundamentally misunderstand how data, the internet and your calling services (including wifi calling) work.

Wifi-calling, however, will be charged against your minutes or at international rates, but that is distinct from WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime, etc.

If you believe you've been charged for calls across these platforms, post your bill with phone numbers redacted. There's no way for T-Mobile to even know what calls are made across these encrypted networks. What's more likely is you *thought* you were making calls across these, but due to misuse or a configuration issue, were actually making wifi or normal calls instead.

As previously stated I have used FaceTime Skype and WhatsApp on AT&T cellular data for over 10 years and was never charged. I have been charged by T-Mobile for using those apps.

I don't believe the capability to utilize FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp for calling through our phones has even been around for 10 years.

Please post your bills with private information redacted. I'd be more than happy to advocate on your behalf if this were true.

...and no, to a previous question, neither FaceTime Video or Audio use minutes. You MUST be explicitly selecting FaceTime Audio, though, and not clicking on their phone number when you're making the call. In fact, the recipient doesn't even need to have a phone number associated with FaceTime to receive a call, so there isn't even a spectre of a "phone call" being made. It's not charging you minutes anymore than you're getting charged minutes to send an audio message through iMessage.

I was also charged excessive fees of $3 a minute for calls made on FaceTime calls overseas  I called Tmobile support and the charges were removed, but was told the only way to no be charged these fees was to disable the cell service and use only WiF. 

Can I share my own experience.

What people say about free data calling using FaceTime, Skype, Whats up is how it's expected and should work.

The reality is different.

I made 2 calls to Italy using whats up from 2 numbers. Was charged $60.

Representative agreed to credit one just because this number happens to have international calling blocked.

The other call he refused to credit. I said I feel very dissatisfied. 30 min later I received messages that credit was issued for the 2nd call too.

His explanation was: when you a make call through an application, if signal is weaker then one from telephone network, call is automatically switched to telephone network. that's when charges are accrued.

They also say: if you have international calling blocked you won't get charged or switching won't happen. But one of my numbers had it blocked and it was charged. It still helped me to argue this call much easer.

I searched an internet. the same happens with ATT and other company customers who use Facetime, Viber, Whatsup, Skype.

My firm believe that ATT, Tmobile become tired to lose their most lucrative business and start charging for it.

I find it illegal since when I use data calling, I have no contract with tmobile and even if switching takes place, it's tmobile which have to prevent other companies from using it's network for free.

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You find the same thing around the world.  It's not a just a T-Mobile or AT&T thing.  For example   It's always easier to blame the carrier for developers code.  A lot of the services they offer generally hand off when something gets disconnected to keep the connection going and at times it will do so by connecting via mobile voice channels.   They are free unless they handoff or start with a voice channel call.

here's one from Canada

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from Apple forums  Things that Viber and other companies don't tell people for example:

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This is an official representative of Viber Media.
The bill you are describing couldn't have been issued by Viber as you're describing, especially when it's WiFi that was used.
Viber works over the internet, and for this reason AT&T 'couldn't have known' that Viber was used.
What probably happened was that your internet connection was temporarily low, so a regular call was placed instead of a Viber call. You can notice the different between the two by the fact that Viber's purple screen switches to iPhone's regular grey interface.

There is unfortunately nothing we (Viber) can do to help.

If you have more questions - please feel free to ask,