Does T-Mo Support eSIM Migration via Apple's Quick Start? (Post-Paid Plan)

  • 13 August 2020
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Question to T-Mo / Apple iPhone Community:



Running an iPhone Xs w/ a post-paid T-Mo eSIM.

New / upgraded iPhone is purchased directly from Apple w/o any carrier affiliation or carrier lock.


Does Apple’s iPhone migration tool - Quick Start - automatically “transfer” the T-Mo eSIM to the new iPhone as it technically could

… or is a call to T-Mo Support still required?


Apple’s support topic on the matter -- -- says to “Contact your carrier.”

Recent contact w/ T-Mo Support came up w/ a polite “shoulder hrug” vice a definitive “Yes” or “No.”


This is NOT an “Apple” question … it’s a “T-Mo” question … specifically does T-Mo’s provisioning system support Apple’s Quick Start … and ... is it allowed by T-Mo’s security protocols; which are presumably in-place to counter SIM-Swap fraud ?

Hopefully another member of this community may know, or have personal experience … ???


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