ESIM activation

  • 14 September 2021
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So ​​​​​​I have just enrolled for a prepaid account using T-Mobile eSim app. The process seemed to work fine  and I got a temporary phone number and had my card debited. It took my while to realize I needed a QR code to have my profile installed on my phone and I have gone ahead to do that 3 times now. It resulted in me having 3 esim plans on my phone (all used secondary number), however I still do not cannot connect to a network and hence receiving no call or text messages. To make matters worse I am outside the country now and having difficulties because i cant make or receive calls.

I want to delete the mulitple plans from phone and start the process again. Would that work?

What do I have to do?



2 replies

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You should send a message to our T-Force team through Twitter. They can help you over social media just send a message to @TMobileHelp. You can even link them to this chat here.


Many thanks for the advice.
Much appreciated