Financing a New Phone Directly through Apple

  • 13 September 2018
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I posted this in another thread, but it is pertinent to begin a new thread for it. It seems that Apple financing is not independent of T-Mobile plans. There are restrictions even though the device received is unlocked allowing subscribers to switch to other cellular networks at anytime.

I am on a No Credit check plan with T-Mobile which is ineligible to join the Apple Upgrade program through the Apple Store. That is a real shame. I purchased my 6s device unlocked at full price from Apple a few years ago and joined T-Mobile a few months ago (after moving back to the States) due to the very good and low price per month of the No Credit check plan. It is a wonderful plan for those who already own an unlocked phone. I love the plan and will not give it up. In order to join the Apple Upgrade program, I would need to join a different plan with T-Mobile and pay a little bit more per month to T-Mobile. I wonder if this restriction is a T-Mobile restriction or an Apple restriction. I would guess the former. I will need to purchase the unlocked phone at full price in order to upgrade, though leasing a new phone with an upgrade once a year through Apple would have been a nice option. T-Mobile should change that restriction for those of us on a No Credit check plan. If it is merely a mistake, then it should be rectified as soon as possible.


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It is possible to finance the device through Apple for about the same price as the Apple Upgrade program, albeit, without a yearly upgrade and without Apple Care.

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On a no credit check plan, you will be restricted to full retail price purchase options. If you purchase the device from us, it will be locked to our network but we can unlock it if you meet the requirements. If you are looking to purchase the phone unlocked from Apple, you would have to work directly with them to see what options are available.

I noticed that too, I did the Barclays bank apple financing on my iPhone xs max 512 gb, but I did apple financing since it first came out, do you have any apple rewards?? I stupidly in a good way forgot and got my xs max for only 949.99 I had a bunch of reward points I did get a computer and a few tablets for my kids, than paid the card at Barclays off but didn't realize I had them points. If you do you can used them towards a new iPhone or anything best of all no interest financing paid early too