Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

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Sorry you are still having this problem. Have you heard anything back on the trouble ticket you had filed of you?

Hello Chris,

I have heard nothing. Just this email from you.

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I am very sorry about that 😥 If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the link in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and ticket history to see what the status of your ticket is and get you an update.

I just joined t-mobile January 28, 2018and I'm having the exact same issue that everyone here has described. I have a brand new iPhone 10 with the latest software upgrade. I switched from Verizon to t-mobile and now all of my group texts are messed up -- even NEW group texts! As of now, I've only experienced the issue with groups that have an Android phone user in them. Yesterday 2/25/18 at noon, a coworker was trying to coordinate a meeting. This morning at 10:30am, I received all of the texts regarding the meeting. Nice. I NEVER had this issue with Verizon and I'm seriously thinking of switching back.

Both my husband and I switched, and both of us are having issues with group texts. Sometimes only one of us will receive the group text that we're both on and we're sitting next to each other on the couch! It's not only annoying or an inconvenience, it's messing up our ability to communicate using our brand new $1000+ iPhone 10s. Judging by the string of posts on the t-mobile help forum, this has been going on for years. I'm surprised they're not losing tons of customers over this issue. Maybe folks who've only ever been with t-mobile are used to poor service?

Woww! I thought it was only my phone is having that problem, because none of my friends are experiencing this but me. I can send text to a group messaging, but never receive responses, I either have to do hard reboot or wait a couple days then 50 messages show up all at once. I'm also using this for my work so I've even missed important group meeting invites or other information between my client and my design team. This is getting very irritating, not to mentioned that my account was hacked and ported out a couple weeks back (lost all information and banking info was compromised). I've been with T-Mobile for over 10 years from same account with my mom and then transfer it to myself, but I've never been so upset with Tmobile recently and the way they resolves things. Technical support says that it happens when you in a group messaging with Android users that's why I don't always receive messages. It makes me laugh so hard to the point I asked him if he owns Android or Iphone because half the people I knows have Androids and other have Iphones, but they never experience it with their carrier, and that I can't tell all my friends to switch to Iphone so I can receive their messages. I'm thinking of switching to Verizon so no more hassles and headaches from T-Mobile, and their wacky technical support.

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It is not a matter of poor service. Many people like myself tend to rely on a 3rd party option that is not standard SMS for this reason. SMS is a very old standard that can get pretty wonky at times. You mentioned not having the issue with other Iphone users, that is because you are sending the messages through Apples servers, so not over SMS.

What I would suggest doing is disabling I message to see if that makes any sort of difference and try starting a new chat to see what happens. You could also look into alternative messening services. At my work they use a app called GroupMe which is also popular at my college. I personally like useing Facebook Messenger or Snapchat since everyone seems to already have that.

If you want to use a T-mobile based app try setting up Digits and seeing if that makes any difference with the messages showing up.

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The man you spoke to was technically right. Apple does not like to play well when it comes to following standards. In the past there was a huge issue of people not turning off I message before making the switch to a android device so the phone would attempt to still send i messages to the number, rather than a normal text.

Anyway that being said SMS is a old standard of messaging that gets wonky at times. It happens across all the carriers as well not just T-mobile. So if possible I would look into a 3rd party solution or try using T-mobile Digits to rule out the possibility of it being your iphone being weird.

Same issue here and I’m on the latest iOS version. It’s pretty widespread and going on for years. Looking throught google, it appears to effect T-Mobile and att iPhone users and not Verizon for some strange reason.

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The reason it does not effect Verizon as much comes down to them still supporting legacy technologies. AT&T and T-mobile have been re-purposing large chunks of their network for modern needs. In doing so as well they are saving on operational costs and getting overall better performance. Give it time these problems will be seen on Verizon whenever they decided to force the new protocols.

Finding this thread was very helpful. I have been chasing Apple around but I am realizing that it is not them.

Same issues: Iphone 7plus user with group message issues. Some days it is only 30 minutes late, other days it is 48 hours late. Then there are times that it isn't a problem at all. This is irritating and I am through with it. I have been a Tmobile customer for over 10 years too.

I've tried everything under the sun (including the IOS11 update) and I thought it was under control. THEN - it started back up again yesterday. I got a random text from the group chat that should have came the day before. Today, I got another random late text from the conversation the day before. This is so frustrating. My wife needs a new phone soon anyway, so a switch may be in the future. These messages are too important to NOT come on time. Hey I also get using a different messenger service too like Facebook, but not everyone wants to do that so that is not an option. How about I use the service I pay for.

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I get how you feel but regardless of the carrier you choose this will always happen on some degree. For example, you could have Verizon and still miss texts that come from AT&T users. Nothing you can do really, its just a flawed legacy system. The fail rate is pretty low with normal SMS but when you start group messaging which uses MMS that is where the problems get in. The issue is that different technologies and different carriers support different quantities when it comes to the max file size that is able to be received and most carriers usually allow for larger files to be sent than can actually be received.

So whats the solution? I swear i will be switching , if they can fix this problem. Instead they keep on bsing about it. If you guys cant fix it, atleast admit it.

@tmo_chris​ Hey I work in the Meridian Call Center. I have a customer who has 2 users that have iPhones. They both have this issue with group messages being delayed. I see that you have PMed other customers who have commented on this, trying to work on a resolution. I am wondering if you can PM me & we can work together to take care of my customer.

Thank you.

Ashley Keogh

Yes! I still have this issue off and on, my work groups are smaller than they used to be, and it seems to happen less frequently. It’s still frustrating that I’m missing important work conversations. Has any solution been found? So far, through extensive online research I see that his happens to both T-Mobile and ATT customers. I’m absolutely positive it isn’t my iPhone. I’ve switched phones and received new ones and the problem didn’t disappear, I’ve also been to the apple store several times for each phone and they found zero issues with hardware and software on the iPhones. My wife has the same phone with same updates/software etc and doesn’t have the issues I do and we use the same networks at home.

As a side note, I’ve noticed I have degraded services via data, calls, and text in a verified area from the T-Mobile coverage map. Often my service strength is less than other T-Mobile users with the same phone (I-Phone 7 plus). I’m not wondering if the issues are connected. I’ve screen shot a bunch of stuff over the issues. Again my wife has all the same stuff as me and she has better service in my house than I do half the time. When we go out, I’ll have 4G, or 1-2 bars LTE and she’s full LTE right next to each other.

Lastly, I did read that an IMEI issue has caused these issues for several users and it took connecting to the right technical person to resolve. Something about the data system in T-Mobile (not my T-Mobile account though) not matching the device, which causes delays.

If there’s any information that can resolve this, I’m extremely interested. The amount of frustration and issues has me contemplating switching providers, and I like what T-Mobile offers and would prefer to avoid leaving.

Dave Frederick

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I've been having the same issue, just occasionally. It happened last night with a delay of 6 hours. I was in my house the whole time. I have an apple 6s.

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Hey folks! We have an ongoing thread here about this same issue. If you are experiencing this problem, please post to the other thread so we can keep everything in order. I will be locking this thread.

@magenta5345643 - Please use GC for ticket escalation processes.

@dave123456789 and @brenlee38 - I will send each of you a private message to gather some necessary information from you.