Group Message delay on iPhone 7plus

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@dave123456789 & @nbartlet

Hey folks! Have you had a chance to update your iPhones to the latest iOS SW? It looks like it fixed the issue that @misterroy was having.

iOS 11 has solved this problem for me. Once I installed the update, no more delayed group text messages. However, I did switch to a T-Mobile iPhone 7 plus and I was having this issue on the phone before the update.

Unfortunately this has not been resolved for me. I too am thinking of switching providers.

I spoke with a t-mo support rep who passed my issue on to thier engineers. They were checking to see if the messages were being held up at the tower being passed to the phone and then not being delivered. He called me back later and said the messages were in fact being sent to the phone. He ended up telling me that i more than likely needed a new SIM card and asked me to stop into a t-mo store to pick up a new one for free. Now at this point I was still expecting messages from a group work chat that had not yet been delivered. I thought maybe when this sim was installed that they would come flooding in, but that didn’t happen until 2 days later. longer than it had ever taken before. Therefore, I am not Convinced that this issue is resolved. We have booted the android user in the group and each have a separate message thread with them so as to avoid this problem.

Is there any solution to this yet, the same thing has happend to me for over a year now... I'm using an iPhone 7plus, this evening around 10-11 I received 100+ messages delayed over the last day in my work group. As far as I can tell from research is this only happens on T-Mobile and ATT networks. Some users in my group have androids, some iPhone, all different networks, yet in the only one with this issue. So far, I've done all the conventional fixes with network settings, FaceTime, resets, restores, deleting threads... Etc. nothing stops it from happening again at random times. I can't keep using these fixes, especially since it's a work group and I need to recieve and save the messages. I cant just delete entire threads with information I need. I even upgraded my phone and still have the issue. Its NOT an iPhone issue, apple cant do anything to fix because its with the network, and as I said above, it effects ATT and T-Mobile onlY so far (I haven't come across any other GSM providers with this issue).

The last thing I need to try is a post I read stating the network had an imei issue and the tech from the network rectified it, no further problems. Hopefully when services are open next this will work, otherwise I'm switching carriers, this is too much of a pain to be worth sticking with T-Mobile. Any known and verified fixes other than the standard BS responses would be appreciated.

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Hey @nbartlet

Sorry to hear that you are having group messaging problems 😥 It is super strange that this is only happening when there is an android user in the group message. From the sounds of it, something is causing your messages to sit on the network for a period of time before they all flood in. Is this something that happens at the start of a group message or does it happen sometime later? If it is happening later, do you notice if the messages stop coming in when the Android user sends a message to the group for the first time?

I'm using IOS 11 and I'm having the same problem. It's actually gotten worse. I am now in 2 separate group chats, each where there is one Android user included causing it not to be an iMessage chat.

Happened yesterday at about 11:30am. I stopped receiving messages from a group of friends. Caused a huge inconvenience. One of the members of the chat finally called me and we realized I was no longer getting messages. All of the messages finally came though at about 10:00pm.

Then this morning, it happened again. We have a group chat going at work. We've had this group going for over a week now, with an android user in the mix. No problems. Until this morning. Our work chat starts at 7am. My boss texted me separately at 7:28am and asked if I was ok, because I wasn't responding to the messages. We both instantly realized it was because of the android user in the group chat. This happened once about 4 months ago. We booted the android user from the group.

This is becoming so unreliable, and causing such huge inconveniences. Yesterday with my friends, we were meeting up somewhere when they all fell silent. I actually turned around and drove back home 20 miles, because I thought they were just being unresponsive. I ended up having to make the drive again after we realized the issue.

This always seems to happen only to me. The other members of the chat, regardless of the type of phone they are one seem to have no problems receiving the their messages.

Just an update...

I have been using iOS 11 Beta on my iPhone 7 Plus and no more delayed group MMS messages. So, if you are suffering from this, the fix comes soon!

I've been having this issue since I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. I have it happen a lot on my iPhone 7+, my wife says it periodically happens on her iPhone 6S+. I am not only getting delayed group texts (not iMessage) but also receiving voicemail notifications 30-60 minutes late. I've gone round and round with support, nobody is able to fix this. I even reloaded iOS 10.3.2, that didn't work either. I was told by T-Mobile support it's an issue with the iPhone 7 and that Apple is supposed to be releasing a fix in Q3 2017. However, since it's also happening on my wife's 6S+, I am not so sure.

Apple will not comment on upcoming software updates.

I am at a loss, considering going back.

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Oh no! We can definitely take a closer look at what happened with your support ticket. Please Contact Us when you have a moment so we can pull up the ticket and see what the status is.

Hi, my wife is experiencing the same issue on her iPhone 6S and we've been trying to resolve it for a while. I was on the phone with T-Mobile support a few days ago and after walking me through a bunch of generic trouble shooting steps I was told that there will be a ticket logged with your technical team. I haven't heard back ever since.

Could you guys please update us on the issue? Seems like it's happening to a lot of people. The group messages we get are urgent and we can't afford to continue like this.

Please advise! Thanks!

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Thanks for trying that! Please Contact Us when you have a moment so that our technical support team can open up a ticket with our engineers to get this sorted.

Yes I recently restarted the thread fresh again with no messages and still see the issue

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Thanks for clarifying! Would you be able to try deleting the message thread and having the android user send a message to the group again and let me know if it is still delayed for you?

It doesn't matter what bars I've had, it can be full strength or 1 bar and it still does it. It seems to be groips that include atleast 1 non iPhone user.  I don't see any delays with single texts, only group

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Hey, there! Just wanted to touch base and see if you're still having group message trouble! If so, would you mind taking a peek at the questions @tmo_chris​ asked above? A few more details can help us narrow down the issue! Thanks.

- Marissa

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I totally understand how this can put a damper on your group messages! I am in quite a few group messages myself and would be super bummed if I was getting all these delayed messages. Out of curiosity, do you know if this happens when you are in a group messages with only iOS devices? Also, what kinds of signal strength do you typically get on your phone when you notice that you haven't got any replies in the group message? Are you noticing a delay when you are only texting a single number?