Have not received email about Apple 12 Pro Max Purchase for $150 Credit

  • 14 November 2020
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The Apple site said there was an offer: “Get an additional $150 trade-in credit from T‑Mobile/Sprint with trade-in of iPhone 8 or newer.°


It states: For a limited time, trade in an iPhone 8 or newer (in good condition) when you buy your new iPhone from Apple and get an additional $150 trade-in credit from T‑Mobile/Sprint after your purchase.


I have completed the purchase from apple and received my new phone with the trade-in pending. I haven’t heard anything about the T-Mobile offer from the company at this point. When is that to be expected? after apple receives my trade-in?

3 replies

Hello. I have the same issue and did not receive anything from T-mobile.

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Contact Customer Care to check the status and confirm you met all of the requirements for the offer.

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I did that trade in deal. It took Apple a couple days after receiving my phone (at the warehouse) to post my trade in ($250) to my credit card. Then just a couple days after that, I received a text from T Mobile with instructions on how to claim the additional $150. It warned that it could be up to six weeks to receive my visa card, but I had another message in just a couple of days with the card info for the additional $150. The whole process took less than 3 weeks.


Keep your eye out for that text and don’t just trash it as spam.