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  • 20 August 2020
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Hello, I have a big problem, so lets start from the beginning. Our cousins from America bought us a phone from America which has an American sim-card. Then he gift it as a present to my little sister which lives in Sweden which also means that we in Sweden have compleat different rules to how sim-cards work. So when the phone arrived from America here in Sweden, I booted the phone and started setting it up for my sister. When I finished setting up the phone where there only one thing left to do which was inserting the sim-card into the phone. That’s where I stumbled upon the problem which is that the phone has some sort if encryption that dosen’t alow the phone to function with other sim-cards beside the sim that came with the phone. I called Apple but they said that only the company that put the encryption can remove it and that they can’t do anything else to help me so here I am asking you to please help me. 

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If you mean, the SIM lock.  Then it would have to be asked for by your cousin in America.  His T-Mobile service would still have to be active for the request to even be processed.  T-Mobile would then make the request to Apple to have the SIM lock removed.