Hidden fees when changing phone plans

  • 28 October 2021
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It all started when my lte kept losing connection very frequently for the past 4 months. I got help with several different customer service reps. Nothing worked so I decided to upgrade my plan to magenta max so my lte would be more stable. That didn’t work either so my 7th customer service rep finally told me that they were upgrading in my area thats why my lte was unstable. One month later I found out that I was being charged $55 dollars because I upgraded my plan to magenta max. No one told me I would be charged that amount when I changed plans and changing the plan didn’t fix my lte issues anyways so I was very dissapointed. After complaining for two hours we finally resolved the issue. Tmobile used to be so good the past 3 years. These days theres so many issues. I’m wondering why do they do that?

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