How can I escalate this and get this fix, I am getting conflicting info from the store, online and txt msgs. No-one know what the other is doing.

  • 13 October 2022
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It seems that since the Merger and the CEO retiring T-Mobile has gone to hell.  I have been with T-Mobile in the past for several years with no problems what so ever.  If I had an issue it was taken care of immediately.  Now I can't seem to get online customer support to agree with anything that the store says.  I purchased an iPhone for my stepmother against my better judgement. In just a few months she locked herself out and couldn't remember her passcode to get back in. I tried the necessary steps to erase the phone and restore it from Icloud.  No good, she couldn't remember her security questions.  So we got on line and ordered a generic phone easier to use.   I was told I could mail the iPhone back using the return label and box.  Or I could take it to a T-Mobile store and drop it off there.  WRONG!!!!   Store wouldn't accept it.  Plus I didn't get a return label, but the store did print a return label for me and boxed it up.  What I was failed to be told was that it would take up to 10 days for the item to be checked out when received at T-Mobil before I would get any credit for it on my account.  Then I get a txt msg saying there's an issue with my return therefore my credit has been reduced to $0.00. and to check my account for more information which there is nothing there to explain why.  So I am back to square one again where one hand is not talking to the other.




2 replies

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Trading in a device that can’t be accessed to verify it’s working makes it worthless for trade-in value.  Devices sent in for trade need to be factory reset and cleared from any accounts they are registered to, like Google and the Apple ID.  From your description, the device was well beyond the return window.  

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Phones can't be returned after the remorse period.

Remorse period