How to set up caller ID to be blocked automatically for every call

  • 30 June 2022
  • 1 reply


I used to have Sprint Service. Sprint was able to set up my phone (on their end) so that every time I make a call, my caller id is blocked to the person or company that I am calling. To release my caller id, like when I call a friend, I would just hit *82 and then the phone number. 

My phone book with all my contacts of friends have *82 in front of their regular numbers. so I can just hit that contact number and, to my friends, my number would be released. 

I am trying to find out if T-Mobile offers that same system. I have been calling customer service at sprint/t-mobile for over 2 months, I have about 10 different ticket numbers and no one can seem to figure out how this works. I find it hard to believe that if Johnny Depp wants his phone to be blocked, that t-mobile won’t block his number. 

Anyone have any ideas??? 

1 reply

Hi I had the same issue. Took a few phone calls, but I got an answer. Federal regs changed and the company cannot set this up. I was told to hide your caller ID permanently, dial #31#. To unhide permanently, dial *31#. Unfortunately this blocks your number on all calls, even the ones you have star 82 assigned to. It's an all or nothing situation and I learned to live with it.