i do not want my sister trying to be my mom.

  • 16 November 2021
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My moms name belongs next to her number not my sister .She has left the family plan and went Verizon and has nothing to do with this family plan. But her name is on my moms phone number.  She is my sister and I’m tried of her hacking my emails and phone numbers . I need her to leave me alon and stop abusing the privilege of knowning me.  I know who I am myself and only myself. I need that phone number getting stolen bs to stop. Some one did do me super dirty last my phone number was stolen after my car was stolen .  I went thro hell a lot of hell .I can not believe my mom even chose to use T-Mobile for our family plan. Mom dad and me. 3 lines only why Tom won’t do shit for when my phone got stolen l. I had to wait 3 weeks for my mom to help replaced my phone . Well it is my moms family plan and extremely nice of her to include me in the family plan .so my sister should not pretend to be my mom.  I am not Farahs  daughter. Her daughter is 22 I’m am 41 , big deal major big deal . I do not want my sisters stealing my phone number.

2 replies

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I’m trying to parse out a problem that the forum can help with, vice those that need to be taken to family court or counseling. All I can see is that the caller ID on your mom’s phone shows up as your sister’s name. This can be addressed by logging onto your T-Mobile account and changing the name associated with the line in question. The way that caller ID works, this will only propagate an update. It does not guarantee that all caller ID databases will instantly update and the change will show up everywhere. That may take some time.

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might help if your mom changes her log in info to something your sister does not know so she cant just up and sign into her account.


change this and most of your issues should be resolved..if she’s hacking your emails then you might try changing your password to something a bit harder to figure out and not one of your usual password choices. just because shes logging into your moms account doesnt mean she now has access to your emails..those are controlled by you...not the primary account holder.