IMEI on the blacklist add By T-Mobile

  • 5 June 2018
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I buy from a friend ( trusted source) a Iphone 6+ and it didn´t register on the local operator. I wen to Apple store and they find out the IMEI is on the blacklist and added by T-Mobile.

Once I´m im Brazil and I don´t have a T-Mobile chip i can´t use the phone !!!

How do I can check what is wrong ? How can I clear that status ? I not there is one operator im BR named Vivo that the phone accept the sim and register on the network, but the others not working .


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We will only blacklist a device if it's reported as stolen, or if it is unpaid. 😥

If your friend you purchased from is the original owner, you will want to have them contact T-Mobile to see the reason why it's been blacklisted. Sorry for any issues. 😥


I purchased an iPhone XR via Swappa in November 2018 (2nd hand).  The phone has been working fine until about early April 2019.  All of a sudden the phone (IMEI) was blacklisted by T-Mobile. 

I had the original purchaser remove the temporary hold however i am still getting the following message:

This device has an outstanding balance that must be paid or it may not be able to be used on T-Mobile network.
For more information or assistance, please call Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304.

When i call the number your CSR's are beyond unhelpful.  Today is my 3rd day battling with them and they tell me "don't you worry about a thing" and "I will take care of it for you" without any results.  As if they are not paid to listen. 

FYI, I am in possession of the original purchase receipt showing that the phone was paid in full on Nov 23, 2018.

Please help.

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You will need to contact the seller of the phone because they are the only person

who can fix this issue. The seller may have left Tmobile and has an outstanding service

balance that hasn't been paid which can result with the phone being blacklisted even if they

are paid off.

Hi, i'm from Brazil. I bought an iPhone XS here in Brazil in a store, on january of 2019, so i have the invoice of the store. That's an departmant store, very big here in Brazil. But last week you from t-mobile, locked the IMEI from my phone, saying it was a stolen phone. i want to know why you did it, and want you to unlock my phone, because it is a normal phone, bought here in Brazil, not in USA. I never had an account with you from T-mobile, that's no why you block my phone. I'll ask you again to unlock it, or i'll look for the legal ways to do it. If you check the phone IMEI, you'll see that has never been stolen or an account with you. So search in yout systema, the documents needed to ask a block of a phone, because i have all the documents, and i doubt the person who request it, have the documents.