iMessage on iPhone 13 Pro Max says verifying

  • 20 April 2022
  • 3 replies


Has anyone had the issue with an iPhone 13 Pro Max on iMessage? My iMessage and FaceTime are connected to my email because it says my phone number is ‘Verifying’? I tried everything from spending 3 days in a row between talking to T-Mobile and Apple. Many hours of wasted time. No one seems to know the issue. 

3 replies

Been having the same issue with my 13 pro and I’ve contacted T-Mobile and apple. Both don’t seem to know what the issue is. Have also had multiple Genius Bar appointments and they ran diagnostics said my phone was running perfectly. T-Mobile said it was a service outage in my area, that was about a month ago. Still have the same issue. Freí ends and family keep letting me know they can’t reach me or that my messages are sending via email and if they do try to send anything it sends as sms. And I’m not getting anything at all from them. 

This starting occurring two days ago on my wife’s iPhone 13 Pro. Same experience with T-Mobile punting the issue to Apple meanwhile it’s clearly T-Mobile related. We are not alone, this is effecting many iPhone 13 users on T-Mobile. No clear resolution yet. Switching your eSim to IMEI2 temporarily resolved the issue but the error came back within 10 hours and remains unresolved (again) for 18 hours at this point. 

Finally solved this issue after trying everything! The only thing that worked was activating a physical sim to override the eSim