• 4 September 2020
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I recently received a message from T-Mobile reminding me that since I pass the 50GB there might be a chance that my internet speed might slow down doing certain time and my billing cycle still has 15 days before it resets. I was wondering if there’s any add-on date plan I could purchase? I need my T-Mobile date internet to stay at a fast speed. Thank you

2 replies

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Of course there are. However, depending on your current plan, costs, terms & availability vary widely. You’ll need to call and speak to customer service so they can access your account and give you your options.

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What happens is that after a certain limit, your phone is “deprioritized”, which means that its traffic gets handled after every other device on that sector (a sector is normally 1/3 of an arc out from the tower). This should only affect you if you are on a congested sector. If the sector is not congested, you may see no difference. If you are in an area where you normally see, say, 20 Mbps or better downloads, you might want to wait and see what happens before you pay more for a higher deprioritization limit.