iphone 12 Pro backordered

  • 9 July 2021
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I ordered the iphone 12 Proyellow but it was backordered ive been calling support all week. And everyday they been telling me it was suppose to ship. My card was charged and my phone still havent been shipped and its been a week now.

1 reply


I am writing on Nov 24, 2021. We ordered 2 iphone pros as upgrades with trade ins back in mid-Aug (2021) and have had the fight of our life trying to get these phones, and still have not received one of them. After first being told that we were eligible for two trade ins, we were then told that only one phone would be eligible and we would have to upgrade our plan to Magenta to qualify for the second, so we did, which increased our monthly cost. And, the new plan upgrade crashed our Netflix, which wouldn’t allow us to log in until a service rep fixed it. Next, they promised us that one phone would ship right away and the other was back-ordered and would ship in about a week. Neither phone shipped. I called and was assured that the one phone was in the warehouse and would ship next day. I called when it didn’t ship and found out that they don’t ship phones separately and we would have to wait till the back-ordered phone came in. When we passed the expected date, I called again and was told that the back-order for the one phone was pushed out. Then they had me cancel the order and re-order so I could at least get one of the phones, which arrived on Sep 15. The other phone back-order was pushed out again, this time to end of Oct- early Nov. I called again and was told the phone was boxed up and ready to ship, they were just waiting on UPS to pick up. When that didn’t happen I called again and was told the phone was still back-ordered. Today I checked my account and see that the back-order has again been pushed out, this time till the end of Dec – early Jan 2022!!! UNREAL!


This is a list of the calls and T-mobile reps I have spoken with:

Aug 16 – Steven. Spoke with Steven regarding a long international call I made. He informed me that we were eligible for upgrades on two iphones we have. The trade in values were significant so I decided to find out which new phones my kids wanted and would call back.

Aug 18 – Daytwan. Re-connected me with Steven

Aug 18 – Steven. Placed order to upgrade to 2 iphone 12 pro

Aug 19 – Steven. Now tells me that only one phone is eligible for upgrade unless I change plans, which increases my base bill. Also said there would be a $60 service charge for placing the order with him, which I disputed because he didn’t first inform me that such a charge would apply, they waived the charge.

Aug 21 – Rep name unknown. Helped us reconnect to Netflix. Assured me that he could see that one of the phones was in stock in the warehouse and would ship next day. Issues $30 goodwill credit.

Aug 24 – Jasmine and her supervisor Jennifer ID# 127138. Orders are never broken up, both “phones will ship by Sep 28 at the latest.” Issues second $30 goodwill credit.

Sep 3 – Lisa ID# 5768227.  “phones will arrive by Sep 7th or 8th. Does not see the 2x $30 goodwill credits, but sees the support fee waived.

Sep 8 – Daytwan. Offered to cancel order and re-order this way we could at least get one phone. Said it shouldn’t be much longer for the other. I chose to wait.

Sep 14 – Ian. Both phone orders show as gold (the most popular color, hence the reason I was given for the back-order). He cancels the order and re-orders separately so we can at least get one phone. Assured me trade in value would stay intact.

Sep 15 – Received one of the phones.

Sep 24 – Maya. Phone to ship as expected.

Nov 4 – Stephante. Explained the situation, she bridged her supervisor on the line who said, phone is in warehouse waiting for UPS to pick up which could be anytime. Call back if you don’t receive in a couple of days.

Nov 9 – Yasmine. Confirms that phone is in the warehouse ready to be picked up. Cannot explain why UPS hasn’t done so.

Nov 16 – Kayshwan. Phone is still back ordered. Expect to see updated ship dates on website.  Assured me the trade in value would stay intact. I suggested he have his supervisors listen to my calls, perhaps T-Mobile could learn how not to lie to customers.

I have been a T-mobile customer for almost 20 years. I cannot understand why I was flat out lied to, repeatedly. By several orders of magnitude this has been the worst customer care experience of my life. I have over 8 hours of my time invested in calls with their customer service reps, what a waste. COMPLETELY FED UP AND DISAPPOINTED.