Iphone 12 Pro calls go directly to Voicemail

  • 15 March 2021
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I upgraded my phone to an Iphone 12 Pro in December.  Since then, sometimes my calls don’t ring on my phone and go directly to Voicemail.  Other times callers have reported receiving a message that my phone is out of service.  This happens sporadically.  I work remotely and use my cell phone for work-related calls.

Today, I called customer service and got an off-shore CSR that I could barely understand.  I informed her it happens sporadically and she asked how I knew if people couldn’t reach me if I wasn’t able to answer their which I replied...they texted me!  She then had me reset my network settings and then asked me to have someone call my phone.  Of course, the call came through successfully.  The CSR then said TMobile is working on upgrading their service in my area and it will improve when that is completed.  When I asked for the completion date, she said “as soon as possible”.  I said they must have a targeted completion date.  About ten minutes after the phone call I missed two calls again!


6 replies

I have the same issue with my iPhone 12. Whether it’s set to LTE, 5G Auto, 5G On, with or without 5G Standalone, I have had several people tell me that calling me only resulted in an automated voice telling them that my line was busy. Not even able to send me a voicemail.


This happens sporadically, even sitting at home with full bars of whatever I'm connected to. There is a several mile area of a major road that I drive on to and from work that I lose internet connection / SMS / Calls on even with full bars of connectivity. This continues after turning airplane mode on and off, and changing LTE / 5G settings back and forth.


I cannot get this to happen often enough or on command enough for customer service to spot the problem. Switching from physical SIM to eSIM also did not help.


EDIT: Wanted to add that this did not happen on my previous phone, an iPhone 7, and also does not happen on the other phones on my account. One is iPhone XR and one is an Android.


Thank you for your comments.  I never had issues like this with my previous i-phone either!


I have the same issue with a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. 


My incoming calls either go directly to voicemail, the calling party gets a recording after a long silent pause that my number is not in service or after a long silent pause the recording states that the number has been rejected by the provider. 


Each time I have a more than adequate signal on the T-Mobile system. 


It's not just an iPhone issue. It's the T-Mobile system. 


I have not only had this happen intermittently, but for hours on end. Level 2 customer service has refreshed my account several times which fixed the issue temporarily.  It always reoccurs.  So very frustrating.


My girlfriend has a line on my account using a Samsung S21 and has not yet experienced this 


I do not have this happen on my Verizon line using an S21 Ultra. 


Both my Note 20 ultra 5G and my S21 Ultra are factory unlocked phones from Samsung. I wonder if I swap SIM cards between the two phones if the S21 Ultra would or would not experience the incoming call issue on T-Mobile. Maybe it is phone contingent - which shouldn't happen on a fully functional cell network. 


I just got s new T-Mobile SIM tonight. We'll see if that fixes the issue on the Note 20 Ultra 5G, but I doubt it. 


Very Frustrating!


I forget to mention that I had a Mint Mobile SIM I my Note 20 Ultra 5G and had zero incoming call issues. 


Mint uses the T-Mobile network including 5G.


Tried my new SIM. That did not fix the issue. 


I also tried the SIM in a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and had the same issue. Calls intermittently go directly to voicemail.


In addition, I tried the new SIM in a T-Mobile brand LG V20 LTE phone and still the issue persisted. Calls  intermittently go directly to voicemail in s strong signal area. 


At least now I can rule out a defective phone. It is a T-Mobile system issue. Or something is majorly wrong with my account settings on T-Mobile's end.


I sometimes also encounter the long pause after dialing, no ring, then a recorded message stating "subscriber is not in service or the number has been rejected by the provider".


This is so frustrating!


Hopefully T-Mobile will figure it out. 


I switched to T-Mobile because they had the strongest signal at my residence and at my girlfriend's place of employment. 


I switched to T-Mobile a few years ago and didn’t have any issues until last December.  I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get this resolved.