iphone 12 pro max back order

  • 7 December 2020
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So I ordered a Blue 128GB iPhone 12 pro max on 12/05/2020 JUMP! Upgrade and it said back ordered but it also said that est. ship date is 12/07/2020-12/09/2020 but now it’s Monday 12/07/2020 and it says est. ship time 12/21/2020-12/27/2020. Is this correct? On T-Mobile’s website it still says est. ship 12/08/2020-12/10/2020 if I ordered it now. I also paid $24.99 for express shipping. When should I be recieving my device?

4 replies

Just checked my back order, and it now shows the same as yours. 12/21/2020-12/28/2020 currently in “Being Processed.”

Just yesterday it said 12/07-12/09. Going to be a real bummer if it takes that long. On a separate matter, my order for a macbook air has been processing since thursday 12/03 and hasn’t shipped yet either.

Here’s to hoping their automated software system is just reacting to some kind of backup and it’ll get resolved soon. I’ve heard that can be the case sometimes. 

That is strange? On their website it only showed that the silver is the backordered, I had just created a plan with T-Mobile yesterday and ordered 2 pro max’s and it had just shipped today. I would call and check… possibly be better off finding a store that has in available.

I ordered the regular iPhone 12 pro max in gold on November 9th and still have not received it . It says processing and estimated shipping date of 12-03 through 12-27 😡

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