Iphone 12 Pro Max Issues

  • 1 April 2021
  • 2 replies


I’ve had my iphone 12 pro max since before Christmas, I got it shortly after it came out (starting to regret it).

Since the latest update, I’m having issues with my phone. Last week it froze up on me, I turned it off and attempted to do a hard reset but it didn’t want to turn on at all. I was finally able to get it back on but it took a few minutes. 

The following day I was having connection issues, so I turned it off again and tried turning it back on and again it didn't immediately want to turn back on. 

This week, every morning it changes my display settings from the dark profile to light. Every morning I have to change it back. Its also not communicating with my apple watch like it should. For example yesterday I turned the do not disturb/ bedtime off from my watch which usually communicates it to my phone but it didn't. 

I totally understand most of this is nit picking but I’m concerned there may be more serious issues I’m not catching.


Is anyone experiencing problems like this as well?


I plan to get by a store this weekend and talk to someone to see what I can do about it. I use my phone for home and work, its a major part of my day. 



2 replies

My iPhone 12 Pro Max has been doing the same issue but worse of all it has been got and left me a red mark on my hand yesterday and I been contact with apple support on this and idk what else to do

And I only had it for 25 days