iPhone 12 Pro pre order “Kept On Hold”

  • 11 November 2020
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My order has been “kept on hold” for over 3 weeks. I have the UPS tracking number from 10/31 but no one can tell when they may ship. I’ve also already been charged for it and it’s cleared. I call every couple days, but the reps aren’t telling me anything.

I ordered it the day pre-order became available.  

Anyone run into this? Anyone get their 12 Pro yet? 

9 replies


same things has happened to me for my i phone 12 pro max. Have you received your i phone 12 pro yet?


Nope. It’s been 4 weeks.  When I called yesterday the guy basically told me that the other reps I spoke with had not done their jobs right and that my phone was supposed to ship on 10/31 but it is now lost so he’s out in a form to trace the location of the device which could take another 3-5 days.  I’m beyond pissed. I’m ready to just pack it up and go to Verizon or AT&T. 


Same I’m so pissed. If you pre order something you should be able to get it on release date. All these reps  just give you different responses. They give you no updates as well. I just feel like canceling my order and trying to buy off apple instead.

I have been waiting on my 12 pro since Oct 23, it is now December 5th. Now it say I may not get it until January 2. Really????? I am beyond mad 

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Have you been charged for the device? Also, are you ordering multiple devices on the order? Popular devices may take longer to send, but being charged for the device is a good sign it’s shipping. I’d keep an eye on your bank statement for the charge.

Ordered two 12 Pro phones on 12/3 and rep said it would ship by the 7th. Order still processing with an expected ship date ranging into February. Feel jilted throughout this process and definitely frustrated. I have no idea what to expect or when to see my shipment. Has anyone run into this? Is there any hope I’ll see my phones anytime soon, or who to contact that would have a definitive answer? 

These did the same to me with my Galaxy S21 Ultra

I want my iPhone that I order from you that you hold I want it to shipping now

These did the same to me with my Galaxy S21 Ultra

Hey did you receive it yet? If so, how long did it take for them to ship it to you? I ordered mine on Friday, April 2nd and they told me I should recieve it between 4/3/21 and today 4/5/21. It still shows as "kept on hold".

I am about to call Customer Service, but wanted to see if others have the same issue.