iPhone Locking

  • 4 October 2018
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Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the iPhone only lock when a SIM is first installed ?  Meaning if the first SIM installed is not a T-Mobile SIM it wont be locked to T-Mobile ?

I want to purchase a prepaid handset to use in another country so important its not locked


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4 replies

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If you buy it from a 3rd party reseller like Best Buy or Walmart that happens.

If you buy it from Tmobile then the phone will be locked to Tmobile.

If you want a truly unlocked phone you need to purchase it from the Apple store.

Intending to purchase from Best Buy or Walmart so that's good.

Thank you

I’m guessing that a refurbished unit from third party will also be locked given it’s not factory sealed by Apple and has been previously used.  Big difference in price though.  Would be happy with refurbished but it needs to be useable.

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There's some places that sell unlocked refurbished iPhones but make sure it's in the description.