iPhone not sending mms when Android in group

  • 26 February 2018
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I have a very strange problem that hopefully I can get some help with.

We are on a T-Mobile family plan.  My wife and daughter each have an iPhone 7 with the latest iOS.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.  I've never had my number on an iPhone.

We had group message going with about 12 phones, probably 10 iPhones and 2 Androids.  When my wife sent a message to the group, everyone received it except my daughter and me.  My wife received group messages that were sent by either my daughter or me.

To do some additional testing, my wife sent a group message to just my daughter and me.  Not received by either of us.  Either of us can send a group message to my wife and she gets that.  Tested with my other daughter who has an iPhone 7 as well and same results.

Looked in settings->messages and both my wife's and daughter's phones have the same options.

I'm at a total loss as to why my daughters can send a group text with my android in it, but my wife can't.  And why did other iPhones in the large group text receive my wife's messages, but not my daughter's iPhone?

Anyone have any ideas?


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Texting can be a bit wonky, especially when the groups get bigger. Have you tried doing the tests with I message turned off in the settings?

Yes, I did try turning imessage off and same thing.

Forget about the large group, when my wife sends a group message to myself and my daughter, neither one of us receives it.  If my daughter, who also has an iphone 7, sends a text to my wife and me, we do both receive it.  Bizarre.

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Yea it is very weird. Just also wanted to ask if your wifi is using the default messenger? Also have you tried working with the T-force team. Maybe it is some type of provisional error that they can help workout. You could also call samsung and see what they say. I have had good results with working with them in the past.

My wife is using default messenger on her iphone.  I have android messages, but I don't get the text via digits, so it's not anything on my phone, plus my daughter's iphone doesn't get it.

Maybe I'll try t-force, good idea.  I do think it's very possible it's something with the phone provisioning.

I'll have to try a master reset on my wife's phone too, but she's worried I'll lose everything, though on the iphone it's pretty easy to backup and restore.

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When you do the reset don't restore right away. See if it works before restoring. If it does work then there was some app or something on the device that was not playing nice.

Yes, that's exactly what I want to try. Will wait for tforce and maybe try the reset tomorrow night.

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Ok let us know when you do.

Full data wipe didn't fix the problem.  I tested after the reset but before restoring to rule out any software.

T-Mobile has opened up a ticket with engineering at this point.  Seems like it's got to be something in their network.

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Alright keep us posted and let us know what the engineers report.

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Hey there! Any word back on your ticket yet?

No, the first ticket was closed because they completely misunderstood the issue. TForce told me they opened up a new ticket, but I haven't heard anything yet.

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Oh no! I am so sorry for the confusion! Please do keep us updated with the status of the latest ticket that was filed.

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I do think the ticket is the right direction considering all you've done already. I'm glad T-Force opened a new one for you. Have you heard anything back yet?

Not yet.  I'll follow up on Wednesday.

If it's not moving in the right direction then, I'm going to escalate this to the presidential line.

I really don't see any way that this isn't a T-Mobile network thing.

Engineering came back on the ticket saying that don't see anything wrong and that's it's probably an issue with the handset.  They suggested I swap SIMs between phones to test the problem further.  Since it works on my daughter's phone and doesn't work on my wife's, that sounds like a great idea.  If I swap SIMs and do the group text from my daughter's phone with my wife's SIM and get the same problem, 100% it's a T-Mobile network issue. 

When I swap SIMs, I don't have to change apple IDs or anything, do I?  Since this is a "text message" as opposed to imessage, just a simple SIM swap and then sending the group message, should be enough, right?  If I have to change apple IDs, it'll be much more of a PITA.

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Oh man. Sorry our team didn't message you back. Have you tried reaching out to them again to see if someone could look into the ticket? We really wanna make sure this gets resolved for you and I'm sure our T-Force team can get this resolved. Please keep us posted.

I don't think you saw my reply today with a timestamp of 8:47am.

Getting interesting here. That was a great suggestion T-Mobile had about swapping SIMs. I swapped the SIMs between the 2 iPhones and the problem followed the SIM/phone number and not the phone. So with my wife's SIM in my daughter's iPhone, that phone could not send a text to my daughter and me. With my daughter's SIM in my wife's iPhone, that phone was then able to send a text to my wife and me. 100% proves it's not the phone, but rather something with the SIM/network provisioning.

T-Mobile is going to overnight me a SIM. If a SIM swap doesn't work, their engineers are going to have to dig in further on this.  This is absolutely not something on my end.

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Ah, my apologies, I missed that. I agree that if the new SIM does the same thing, we'd need to take a look at your lines connection to the network. If this does need to get escalated to a ticket, it would be a good idea to mention the test results done with the previous SIM and the fact that you got another SIM. Including some examples of the issue on the ticket is another important bit of info our engineers will need that'll help get this resolved.

Swapping out to a new SIM card has FIXED the issue!  Wonder how that works in their system that just changing a SIM could fix something like that?

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Sometimes SIM cards just go a bit wonky and need to be replaced. It's not super common, but that's why we ask folks to test things like this. Thanks for doing all this troubleshooting and I'm so glad the replacement SIM worked!

I am having the same issue.  I have a new phone with new sim card.  I could not receive messages with my Iphone 6 and cannot receive group texts or pictures texts now with my iphone Xs max.  Any other solutions??? I am frustrated at this point.  Help!

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Hey there! I was just wondering if you've ensured that your group texts, MMS, and SMS are turned on in your Message settings?