iPhone Spam Texts From Different Numbers Every Day

  • 13 August 2020
  • 3 replies


I have been receiving spam texts since the beginning of May (over 4 months) at least 2-3 times a day. Always from a new phone number, never a repeated number, and relatively similar as far as text goes, a brief blurb regarding a product or discovery, etc. and a short link that I sure as heck am not going to click on. I spent the first two months copy and pasting the texts to 7726 (tmobiles spam line) but they seemed to increase to 5-6 times a day after doing that (most likely a coincidence though) 

I left Tmobile for a week to try a new carrier that was cheaper, and I didn't get a single spam text for that week I was with another carrier. But, due to where I live, every other service provider I've tried has quite bad service (Tmobile does too, but its better) so I ended up porting back to tmobile. And, thus far, Tmobile hasn't been of any help with this issue, they just point me towards their Spam Guard CALL blocking feature, but that doesn't help with texts. There are ios apps that supposedly work quite well filtering spam texts, but they cost $3-$5 a month which is obsurd, and they also filter out security codes, etc. so that isn't an option. And neither is changing my phone number, I've had the same number for over ten years.

 I would love some advice or suggestions! Stay safe and healthy

3 replies

I have been having the same issue. If moving to another carrier resolves the issue, assuming you didn’t change your phone number, then that is what I am going to have to do. 

You’re not alone. my T-mobile primary line gets about 5-25 spam texts a day that started in May of this year as well, always from a different number. It’s absolutely insane and it makes me glad that I have unlimited texts. I average about 1-2 spam texts an hour. My wife’s line gets nothing when it comes to spam. I have a third line that’s been idle for a while, I think I’m gonna switch to that one and see if I get them. I fear there’s no hope for my current number, however. 

I’ve switched from AT&T to TMobile a week ago!  I’ve gotten spam texts EVERY SINGLE DAY since then.  Never got these at all in my whole 10+ years with AT&T.  Both of my parents recently switched from AT&T to TMobile as well, and they too started having the same problem after they switched.


I don’t think changing the phone number will help.  It seems to be a TMobile issue.