iphone xr lost or possibly stolen 4 years ago and am curious if i can find with IMEI???


hello everyone, i lost my iPhone xr 4 years ago and i have just found the original box with the serial and imei number. is it possible i can locate a phone with just the sn/imei number, or anywhere i can see its last location as apple find my is not giving the location anymore? or i can report a device lost or stolen when the phone has been replaced? i would like suggestions on what i can do if there is anything i can do with the imei or serial number to help locate it? thanks for reading

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I have the same question.  I lost my OnePlus 9 in my apartment nine months ago and wonder if a visitor found it and took it.

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Hey there. The IMEI does not provide any tracking capability. The way to track your phone would be through the account that is linked to it. Find my iPhone or Google Device Manager are a couple examples of accounts that can track devices when they are lost. 

Why then does apple say if you loose your device lock it and remove it from your account? Seems counter intuitive to me. If you remove it then what if it's located or turned on? Facepalming apple with my fist and yes that's exactly the same model I saw popping up in Roatan. What's app with that?