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  • 28 September 2018
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So, I went to T-Mobile 2 days ago and I ended up ordering the phone since it wasn’t in stores. The estimated ship dates was from October 17th through November 2nd however UPS Express would start shipping through 3 business days. So I want to ask when will it properly start to ship and get at its destination. The estimation seems very long.


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Yea I’m curious just like you. I ordered mine september 25th so about 6 days ago. The estimated shipping said between October 3rd to the 9th. So far of course I haven’t got it yet but I agree it does feel long.

Which did you order? If you ordered the Silver or Space Gray then yes, it’s true. Itll ship between those days and will takes around 2-3 business days to deliver to your house. However, I ordered the Gold which is a much more popular color. However it actually ship from October 15th to October 22nd. Which is earlier at least. So you don’t have much to wait, just be patient.

yup I ordered the space grey. Yeah that exactly why I didn‘t want gold cause I felt like it was going to take longer. I know I’m trying it’s hard waiting when you really want something.

Not sure when it will ship either. Mine is supposed to ship 10/03 - 10/09 and I still have no update. I know once they charge your card/payment method that's when they're shipping.

Mine at first said shipping between 10-3/10-9 now it says 10-3/10-5 to ship. That’s what I was told also I will be charged once they ship it. So far that’s the only update I’ve had i saw it this morning.

Mine also said 10-3 to 10-9 and then changed to 10-3 to 10-5. They charged my card this morning. But I didn’t get any shipment notification. Still shows “in process” on their site.

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I hope I get the same update! I'll be happy if I just get it this weekend! I ordered the silver, 64 GB version.

I hope I get the same update soon!

Now it switched back to being shipped between the 3rd and the 9th

Yea mine did that too. Check your card. You should have a charge this morning and it’ll ship tomorrow.

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Mine is still set to those dates, with a status of order processing.

I really hope this happens!

Crazy how it’s taking so long. Felt like I already been waiting for ever.

Same. I sometimes think it's a marketing pitch. Have few in stock, and on backorder to hype it up.

I got charged this morning so hopefully that means it does ship tomorrow .

Ordered on the 25th and still nothing I have an Oct. 3rd-9th ship date though so we'll see. Ordered the space gray 64G

I ordered mine the same day also 64gb space grey. I read on another post a guy ordered his and after a week or so they cancled his order. He trying to figure out why cause they did it without and explanation.

Have you received any notification or have they charged your card yet? I haven't seen anything yet.

They charged my card yesterday morning but still no sign of shipping.

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I havent seen anything either. No charge to my card yet either.

Yea I was charged yesterday morning also but no update

I just got shipment notification. I’m assuming you should as well since the time lines are similar.

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Just got my shipping info

I ordered mine the 30th and still says 10/3-10/9 no notificatio yet