IPhoneX - Received an empty box, no phone inside:-(

  • 4 December 2017
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After weeks of waiting, I finally received my iPhoneX delivery from UPS, when I opened the package, the iPhoneX box was empty - no phone, no charger or cables, just an empty box - anyone else had this problem?


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Oh no! That's totally not normal and I'm sorry your phone wasn't there. You'll definitely want to Community-2153​ ASAP. There's an escalation process we follow to help with this. I'm very sorry this happened but please contact us so we can get to work on this for you.

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@sicce , I just wanted to swing by to see if you had a chance to speak with Customer Care or T-Force yet. If so, what was the outcome?

Hi I did call customer support, they took down the details and informed me that they will start an investigation and report back to me within 4 days. Today was the 4th day. And today, I was informed that the warehouse hasn't responded to their query and I will have to wait until they get a respond back from the warehouse. I also called UPS, they will investigate and report back to T-Mobile, they cannot given me any information as I am not the shipper.

So, as of now I have no phone, which was a birthday present for my wife and I have no idea when or if I will get a replacement iphoneX.

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Sorry to hear you hadn't gotten a reply from us when we said we would. Did we end up calling you back after the 5th day? If not are you able to Community-2153 and check in with one of our Tech Care reps to check the status of our investigation?

I ordered an ipohone x on 3/16 was supposed to have it delivered 03/21, with my order I had 2 galaxy s9 and 2 iPhone x on delivery date I got 3 boxes 1 with 2 galaxy s9 and 2 iPhone in separate boxes well 1 iPhone was in the box and on the other box it was completely missing and I reported it the same day, well I've been waiting and hearing different things from every tmobile rep well today is the 03/28 and still haven't gotten an answer according to them they escalated it to the headset research MANNAGERS I still haven't gotten a refund or a sorry for the inconvenience, I've been with t mobile for almost 6-7 years and never once have I had this happen it's so rediculus that they haven't fixed or gotten my phone situation figured out, I  for sure know one thing after this is all fixed I'm switching companies this is not acceptable for a company this big to make me wait that long to figure something out, it is not my fault my phone was missing when I got my box and I am being held accountable for this. LOL that's ridiculous, I still don't have my phone nor my money back I pay close to 500 a month for service for the past 6-7 years to have this happen, thanks for nothing t mobile you just lost a costumer.

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I get the frustration but realistically speaking investigations like this take time. There are so many things that occur before a package gets to you from T-mobile. In fact, atleast in my market it was not uncommon to have delivery men steal packages. It was a huge scandal that made it to our local news and resulted in companies like UPS using a new methodology for delivery of items over a certain amount. Were you not forced to sign that you received the packages and such? Not saying it is on you and I agree T-mobile could of handled this better but I understand there point of view as well when it comes to problems like this.

WOW, that sux, hope you find out, here I thought the spiders in a sealed iPhone box I saw on YouTube was crazy, WOW man now a missing iPhone in a box?? You should know the box feels funny to light, did you get shipped or pick up?

This just happened to me I guess is not unusual for this to happend I gave them a call and was told i will receive a response in 4 days Hopefully this gets resolved quickly as my daughter starts school next week and she needs her phone I hope they don't give me the run around

So this is an update I finnally got a refund after 10 days I was told by 2 different people that once I got the refund I could call them so they can arrange it so I can get a phone even thought the account was past due not to worry so when I call them back a girl named destiny asked me if I can go that same day to the store so she can do the process I told her no I can't until Saturday she said ok ill call you back then she didn't call me  I call tmobile Monday they say that nothing can be done I have to bring my account current. I had just payed of my balance the previous month so I can do the upgrade       why will destiny ask me to go to the store ic nothing can be done when supposedly she had already spoken to the supervisor and they where going to resolve this for me since it wasn't my fault what happend I been with tmobile more than 10 years and this is how they take care of me        

12/7/2018 today about 8:30 pm I went into T-Mobile shop in Easton next To get the Beats Solo headphone. so I went inside to buy the hear phone “The service Woman help me if the headphone I wanted and etc. i told her I would like them... went to go Check out mind you I never took the box for her never looked inside anything, by the time I went home to look inside  my bag and get my beats out there was no beats headphone inside. I’m actually really really sad Y the moment.

I upgraded my 2 iPhones for my wife and I to iPhone 12 Max Pros through the website 5/23/2021. iPhones were shipped separately and delivered by UPS on 5/25. Opened the boxes which contained iPhone boxes. iPhone boxes weren’t shrink wrapped which I thought they usually were. Opened them up and all that was inside both was charge cables and iPhone stickers. No phones. Contacted T-Mobile immediately and they started a research case. I don’t want to wait over 10 days like the people above. Clearly there’s people at the warehouse stealing phones and shipping empty boxes. 


I’ve ordered enough phones and no phone comes shrink wrapped. There’s stickers on the boxes and you would have to be very careful to make it look like it hasn’t been tampered with.