Is the iPhone 7 no longer available on T-Mobile?

  • 17 September 2018
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Currently, 9/17/2018,  the T-Mobile website does not list the iPhone 7 as an available purchase device.  Is this a temporary unavailability due to a shortage, or has T-Mobile decided to no longer sell the iPhone 7?


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Hey, @lahawk​!

We still plan to carry the iPhone 7. There was a known issue last week where they were removed from, however, reports state that the site has been fixed. From looking at the site, I'm still not seeing it but I think we're just low in stock at this point.

Thanks for the reply. Some weird happenings at T-Mobile and iPhones

Along with the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6s plus is also not currently listed for purchase.

And for whatever reason the iPhone 6s has increased in price.

We can see what's going on.  IMO. T-Mobile and Apple want consumers to buy the latest and greatest, and that's OK, but to increase prices on older models and not make some models even available is a rather sneaky approach to achieve that goal.

I hope I'm wrong, I hope T-Mobile is not increasing prices on older iPhones, (6S for example), and the sudden unavailability of the iPhone 7 and 6s plus, is not a  way to increase sales of the new XS line.  T-Mobile has always been an honest company, it's why I'm a 12 year customer, and for now I'll believe the "low stock" answer, and that prices on older iPhones will decrease, or at least roll back the cost to where they were just one month ago.

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@lahawk​, 12 years? Woah! That's fantastic!! 

I can 110% confirm that the reason the iPhone 7 isn't showing online is due to being on back order. As soon as more inventory arrives, you should see the device available on our site.  I also checked out the pricing info you were referring to - I haven't seen a price increase on the iPhone 6s but I know that as the Un-carrier, we're always evaluating our pricing to provide the latest and best pricing for our customers. 😊

Thanks for the reply
I can 110% confirm that just last month the iPhone 6s was $360 or $14 per month. Now it's priced at $450 or $18 month. Not sure why, it's a four year old phone
Anyway, we shall wait for the 7 to be back in stock, hopefully, with a fair price. 😉