Issues dealing with Assurant? Any Advice?


Hi, all.  Calling on the hive mind… son damaged his phone, and when I initiated a claim for it, I was not given the option to repair/assess damage; I was automatically provided a replacement.  I called Assurant to correct this, and to get an appointment at my nearest t-mobile store for the diagnostic, I’ve been told that because my claim was initiated as a replacement, and I paid the deductible, i had to wait three business days for the credit to be applied to my account before the claim can be modified to a “repair” from a “replacement” because apparently, their entire system blows up when there’s a credit on the account.  I’ve been on the phone with Assurant for a couple of hours now and the reps just keep telling me that the SYSTEM won’t allow any changes.  Aren’t people supposed to be smarter than the SYSTEM?  Someone, somewhere in that organization can over-ride the SYSTEM, but apparently not the peons who answer the phone.


Any ideas?  Should I just take the phone and pay out of pocket for the diagnostic and leave the crappy Assurant and it’s SYSTEM out of the equation?



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