Issues in iOS app chat window

  • 5 July 2020
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I don’t know where to post issues with the app so posting it in community here! 

I just switched to T-mobile and I always prefer using the chat option to contact customer support instead of call, but in the T-mobile iOS app, the chat window is not designed properly. When you start typing, the keyboard comes over the box where you are typing (basically hiding the box behind it). Bcz of this you cannot see what you are typing. Also, the return button on the keyboard doesn’t send the message (which is fine if i can see what am typing), to send the message, I have to close the keyboard, see what i typed and then hit Send on the side! The process can be optimised easily (they just need to mirror the behaviour in any standard chat window for mobile device).

There also seems to be an issue with the Schedule a call back feature. When I select the time slot and hit Confirm, i get a pop up saying ‘Oops something went wrong’ although the call did get scheduled (checked my going back and trying again). So basically nothing went wrong, just a false alert message.  

Hope the feedback reaches the developers!

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