Iwatch series 3 Nike + no music streaming

  • 20 October 2017
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I am so disappointed with Apple iwatch 3 series Nike + no streaming music via LTE I want to use pandora, spotify, Amazon music. Apparently Apple says update won’t takes place till later this year. I wish this was ready from the get go. I am paying good money for the iwatch series 3 Nike +

2 replies

Side thing if I am going to pay almost 10 bucks more does that mean I get actual 4G LTE  speeds or the 512Kbps And so how much data i am given a month?

Great question! I know it is a bummer about not being able to stream those 3rd party music apps on the watch but at least Apple is working on it! As for the data speeds on the watch, when you activate the Watch with our Apple DIGITS plan, you will unlimited 4G LTE data 😊