locked iphoneX by T-mobile from BestBuy



hey! I purchased an iPhone X from bestbuy in 2018 and recently switched from tmobile to AT&T. The phone is still LOCKED by t mobile even though it is a paid off phone. I called tmobile and got various responses some said it has been unlocked, some said it won’t get unlocked because they can’t find my IMEI number in the tmobile system. Best Buy said that the phone was unlocked and only tmobile can unlock it. I am super confused! :(

can someone please help me. Since I have a locked phone which is already paid off and I cannot use my AT&T sim on the phone anymore. I hope this issue gets resolved as I am super frustrated with tmobile service. Any help would be appreciated! 



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Reach out to Tmobile support using messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media platforms.

The problem is usually since the phone was bought at Best Buy the imei# isn’t in Tmobile’s system as a phone Tmobile sold.

Once Tmobile confirms the imei# they can send in an unlock request to Apple.

Side note, If you’re ever going to buy an iPhone again buy it direct from Apple or the carrier. This happens to iPhones sold by 3rd party resellers all the time.


I just buy unlocked phones from amazon personally; Still on a galaxy S7 6 years later; no need to upgrade.