LTE verses 5G


I presently have an iphone XR and am about to move up to a iphone 12. Where I live (Schererville, IN) with my XR I get best performance when set to LTE (not 4G). Can I expect any better performance with a 5G iphone 12 or should I just stick with my XR? Thanks.

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You can always check out our Coverage Map to see what you’ll get in a specific area. Looking at that area, I’m seeing a lot of 4GLTE coverage. My advice is to search your exact address to get a better idea of the service you’ll get and how strong the 5G is.


Thanks Mike,

I checked and 5G service in my area appears to be minimal at best. Seeing how I can’t even get 4G where I live, I guess I won’t get any better service with a 5G phone. It looks like I should stick with my XR or possibly go to a different carrier. Do you agree?


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for what its worth...LTE= both 4G and 5G...