Missing Text messages

  • 6 September 2020
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This week my family swapped to T-Mobile and now we are not receiving any text notifications from our security system and have to keep verifying the numbers.  I figured this would be an issue with the security system but after research this seems to be a T-Mobile issue.  There are many with T-Mobile that are having this issue.  I also have verified this by using another cell phone company to receive the text messages from my security system and he would receive them but i would not.  All of our phones we just switch here do not receive the text messages.  Is there anything on T-Mobile side that could be blocking the text messages?  This is not a text message delay but just never receive them.  

2 replies

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If the security system is sending from a short code (5-6 digit phone #), you may need to call & have a Tmobile CS unblock short codes on each line and the entire account. 

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Ports still take a while to show up in various systems, like which carrier has your number.  I can't remember what this is called, but when porting, it takes a while for your number to be identified that it is with a new carrier.