My iPhone 7 Plus replacement phone uses a non-oem screen, what can I do?

  • 18 January 2017
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I recently returned my iphone 7 plus to t-mobile for a hardware issue, and since it was under warranty I was sent a replacement phone. Today, I received my replacement phone and the screen did not feel like a normal iphone phone. It left fingerprints easily, and was not as smooth to the touch. I compared it with my son's iphone 6 plus and there is a noticeable different. I am beginning to suspect that my replacement phone has a replacement screen that is not an OEM Apple one. What can I do?

2 replies

Call T-Mobile and let them know and maybe compare to one in the store. If it is drastically different,  you might be able to convince them to send you another one.

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Hi @vpai2458‌!  This is odd indeed - have you had a chance to take it by the store for a comparison? 

- Marissa