Next Steps to Unlock an iPhone? Frustrated!

  • 13 July 2020
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Over the weekend, I paid off an iPhone XR I purchased from T-Mobile back on 10/19/2018.  I spent a chunk of yesterday and today with support to try and get the phone unlocked, but they are unable to do so.

According to the support reps I’ve spoken to, there is a different IMEI number on the account.  This is odd as I’ve only ever had a single XR device (this one), I’ve had no other phones / trades, and I’ve been using it since 2018.  The fact that they are showing no activity is really weird.

So now I have a device I just paid off that I have a record of buying from T-Mobile, have used for a year and a half, but no way to get the phone unlocked.

Any ideas on next steps?

2 replies

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Have you ever had a warranty exchange through Apple?

The only option is to contact Tmobile support using messenger on one of Tmobile’s social platforms.

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One of the main issues with unlocking an iPhone is that T-Mobile has to send the request to Apple and then Apple has to remove the SIM lock.  If your IMEI is different than the one on file though, that can be an issue which needs to be resolved first. 

Are you sure you got the device on the line you use it on from T-Mobile?  I know I used to have issues keeping track of the devices I had bought/upgraded on different lines due to some of us wanting upgrades when we were still paying off that device still, so we would get it on another line that was eligible and they would use the upgrade on another line, etc.  It got really confusing for a while.  :p