No loyality within T-mobile

  • 9 September 2020
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I am not sure if you are the correct person to reach out to but I was
given your email by Joshua  from a Facebook chat. Let me start
with my phone number: ***-***-****. I believe that you are just his
manager since it was difficult to get information on how to reach
corporate. Well my issue is as follows. I upgraded to the iPhone 11. I
keep getting the pop up that states my device is about to overheat.
Well several times I have reached out to T-mobile and was then
directed to Apple. Well, per the people at Apple via the phone, I had
to go in. I went  into 2 different stores and was told that there was
nothing they could do. They inspected the device and said the heat was
normal and could be replaced if is caught fire or exploded. Needless
to say, I am not very happy with Apple. I am not disputing the fact
that I have a past due amount on my account. I just would like a
device that I can feel safe with charging. I do not charge my device
if I can't sit and monitor it. I carry an ice pack around so it won't
overheat. I woke up yesterday to the phone burning the plastic to the
ice pack. I am not comfortable with doing an exchange because I fear
it will do the same thing. I just want to get a different device that
is not Apple. I have a fear and I will not keep using it. What has
been stated to me is i have to bring my account current and use the
jump to get a different phone brand. I feel that I should not have to
pay the down payment to get another phone. I am looking at paying 600
for the past due and a new phone. I just would like some assistance
with getting another phone. I should not have to suffer or be in fear
of using a phone. Apple does not care. For someone in the store to say
"well once explodes, then we can explore other options. if you are not
happy go back to your carrier and they can assist you with changing
your device."  If i am looking at paying 600.00 to get away from this
device then i  will have to change carriers. Any advice or assistance
you can provide is greatly appreciated.
If i would have known i was going to have these issues i would and NEVER gotten an Apple device, 

2 replies

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This is a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation but since you asked for advice I would do a warranty exchange and keep doing them till you get one that the battery doesn’t overheat.

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also in this day and age...and the fact that this site is fully public..i would probably avoid posting any personal info..including your personal phone number..if you can edit that out