No order number with Iphone 13

  • 17 November 2021
  • 1 reply


I recently ordered the iPhone 13 on the app and have nothing stating I made the order. The money was taken out of my account (nov 7) but I have not received any confirmation that I placed the order. 
I called and the rep couldn’t find the order either and didn’t really understand my dilemma. 
The phones are on back order so if it wasn’t actually ordered I would be waiting another 3 weeks to have the phone ship… I just want to make sure the order went through and I’m still set to have the phone shipped out in the next week. 

1 reply


Any update. Same thing happened to me when I ordered my iPhone 11 they said they couldn’t find it so I had to make another order and this new order I can track but nothing seems to be updating. It’s estimated to ship between 11/25-11/29 and nothing yet