no WIFI but cannot use data to access internet on IPHONE 11 pro

  • 26 April 2021
  • 1 reply


In areas where there is no WIFI signal, I am unable to use data to connect to the internet.  Is there some setting I do not have correct on my Iphone 11 pro?

1 reply


It could be a few different reasons, best way to help figure it out would be to contact customer care. 

But a few quick things to check:

  1. Go to settings. Click on Cellular. The first option should be labeled Cellular Data. Make sure it’s toggled on.
  2. Go to settings. Click on Cellular. Scroll down to the app list at the bottom. Any app with the toggle in the off position will not be able to use cellular data. Go through these apps and make sure they are all toggled to on.