Not a single Costco with XS/XS Max Stock?

  • 25 September 2018
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Hi, does anyone with T-Mobile know when we'll actually see the phones in-stock at the Costco warehouse so we can take advantage of the Buy One Get one offer on-site without having to enter into an EIP/bill credit rebate?

My local Costco kiosks are getting sick of hearing from me already.


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12 replies

I also contacted several Costcos across the country. Seems none received stock. Also, on Reddit, no one has seen iPhone XS or XS Max in stock for T-Mobile either. It’s suspicious because the BOGO deal ends this Thursday. It will be very shady if their stock “suddenly” arrives this Friday... I hope this is being moderated. I and my family may be switching off of T-Mobile if what I mentioned happens. This could also lead to bad press...

Same here.. even I and some of my friends called Costco of different states.. they never got the inventory I guess.. why do they promote such fake offers if they don't want to be to honour it.. I really wanted to take advantage more this offer.. but all hear from he Costco employees is that no iPhone Xs and Xs max in stock for tmobile..

Don't know if they would extend this offer..

I doubt T Mobile cares.. They just rolled out the offer to get publicity.. I don't see any ads from Costco on this and I bet Costco knew it.. AT least Costco is honest in that sense..

Same here in California. I tried to call different Costco store since Monday this week and non of them have stock. They said they should have stock on Friday. That is ridiculous (BOGO offer is end on today). I think T-mobile knew that iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are impossible to have stock until Oct I guess. Even I checked my nearby T-Mobile store, they only have limited stock (64GB) on hand. I wonder why Costco can't take pre-order if T-Mobile wanted to promo this deal to everyone. So please extend this offer.

I DOUBT TMO will extend it But would love to see that    

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Hey folks! I sincerely apologize you were not able to take advantage of this offer at Costco 😥 This offer was not specific to Costco though and could still be redeemed when purchasing the devices through us.

I contacted T-Mobile yesterday (again) and they confirmed this promo has ended. So, how do you say we can still get this offer?

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Sorry, should have worded it differently. I was using past tense since it was made aware that the promo ended in this thread already.

The same deal was not offered directly through T-Mobile. They were different. You are the third rep to say this. At Costco I pay the phone outright and get a $700 visa card in a few weeks. Directly through T-Mobile I have to sign up to an EIP and stick with it for 24months to get the deal. So much for being an un-carrier... REDICULOUS!!

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I apologize for not clarifying. While the payout types varied, the total promotional monies were the same. Again, I sincerely apologize that you were unable to take advantage of this offer through Costco due to limited stock.

Not due to limited stock. Due to NO inventory at ANY Costco NATIONWIDE!!