Not feeling quite right about this interaction.

  • 2 September 2021
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So I just purchased a new iphone 12 mini. When trying to update sim online it gave me a error message “looks like we got our fingers crossed”(generic tmobile error page). I call in and get some assistance. The rep asks for the sim # on the sim card that came with new phone. I read it off. I can tell he has having issues. He can not complete it. He puts me on hold and then advises that my current sim is restricted(kind of thinking out loud but i can hear). He then transfers me to a jonathan in business support who tries what I assume to be the same thing and once again he says there is a issue changing my sim and imei. 

He now tells me to use the old sim when 5 minutes ago he was telling me its way better  to use the new sim. we disconnect, I move old sim over to new phone and he calls back to advises me they are still working on it and will send a new sim card in the mail but to use the old sim until then.


What in the world is going on. Am I being spied on.

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