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Has anyone ever pre ordered a new iPhone from Tmobile? The system told me I would receive the phone between 9/25 and 10/1. I was under the assumption they'd be delivered on 9/20, as I go on vacation 9/25 and would like my amazing new phone for use. Should I just have waited and went to a Tmobile store on 9/20?

Hey I’m trying to preorder my phone and o keep having issues when it comes to the putting in my last four digits of my ssn and I tried putting in my pin for my T-Mobile account still nothing

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@stephaniem5505 , I'm not sure why there was a change or what they plan on doing in the future to allow payment options for your account type.

@magenta9950453 , you have the option of going to a store to get the tax-exempt status added. If the phones are purchased prior to the tax-exempt status being added, the taxes do not get retroactively credited. Another way to get the account to be tax exempt would be to fax a tax-exempt certificate for the State and if applicable a copy of the IRS 501(c)(3) declaration. You'll want to include your account number on the fax and send to 813-353-6200. The name on the certificate must match the name on the account for it to be valid. Let me know if you have any other questions! 😊

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Morning, @iphone15  We do our best to have phones delivered by launch date if inventory is available. It would really be a bummer to not have your new iPhone by your side on vacation. The downside of going to the store just like online is inventory. Which phone did you order?

@magenta9708136, have you tried using your PIN that's used when you call 611 instead of the PIN for MyT-Mobile yet? What error are you seeing?

I ordered a 256gb green iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve read they are the most desirable.

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Akeem Jackson

This has been the typical T-mobile response I have been getting this morning. How does a company block people from upgrading but not communicate it to even there employees. All other dealer lines from ATT and Verizon are letting them upgrade so its definitely a T-mobile issue.

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Thanks for getting back to me, Akeem! You're right, those are pretty popular already -- I'm really liking the new green variant they added. 😊 It's possible that the stores will have them in stock on 9/20. You could always wait to see if you get updated shipping info closer to launch then cancel your order if it looks like you won't receive it by the time you leave and instead go to a store. The risk you take with this is (a) will your order be able to be canceled (it may already go through processing by that time) or (b) the store may not have that specific model in stock.

Thanks Amanda. That helps.

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Akeem Jackson

Hey Amanda sorry to bother but i currently have an iphone 8 can i trade it in for the iphone 11 pro max and use the trade in value for the down payment ?

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I got your email with the business promo. If you can clear it up for me a little the part that states “Have or activate at least one qualifying voice line per device purchase on an eligible Magenta Voice plan

Do I have to have the magenta plan to take advantage of the promo? Or do I need to change all the lines to magenta?

Thank you

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@adawgythebarber​, no need to apologize! I'm here to answer ALLLL the questions. 😊 With trading in an iPhone 8 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you'd be able to take advantage of the pre-order promo and save $350 via 24 monthly bill credits vs going towards the down payment.

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@akrynox - Yes, a Magenta plan is required for the business account offer. The line that you activate or plan to use the promo on needs to have a qualifying Magenta plan connected to it.

Apple is offering me $600 for my iPhone where as T-Mobile is only offering "up to" $300 for trade-in. So if I go with Apple and still choose T-Mobile as my service provider do I end up owing the balance on my old phone to T-Mobile since I'm on a payment plan or ?

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That's a pretty good deal, @magenta9952152​! Do you plan on financing the phone with T-Mobile through Apple? Are you currently have a promotion on the line you're looking to upgrade?

I have Jump! with T-Mobile so I actually saved more going through T-Moblie versus Apple. Thank you for the quick reply!

Jump! is awesome by the way!

Trying to pre-order an iPhone 11 pro max and I've clicked on the monthly payment option and then once I get to check out it has the full retail price and says I need to pay in full today, with no option to change it. Is there a reason for this? How can I put a down payment?

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Hey @magenta9959594

Sorry you are having troubles getting you phone ordered! Out of curiosity, do you currently have any phone that you are still paying off on your line? If not, do you have any other phones on your account that you are still paying off?

Currently, have 3 lines with 2 lines having 1 year left of payment. The 3rd line has been paid off and now trying to upgrade.

Hi Amanda,

Were you able to fix @dylanseeborg  issue? I’m having the exact same problem. My brother works for T-Mobile and we are on an employee account and I can’t enroll into Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. I’m greeted with a message saying “Your current T-Mobile account isn’t supported on”

Are devices ordered via T-Mobile locked to T-Mobile network?

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@abernalg​ -- yes, we were able to figure out what was going on. Their specific account type wasn't eligible. Employee accounts are eligible, but "special-dealer" account types are not eligible.

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@ssimonov16​, yes, devices ordered through T-Mobile are locked to our network. After your device is paid off, you are eligible to have it unlocked. Here are the unlock eligibility requirements: Unlock your mobile wireless device​. 

Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to get answers for the past couple days, but I kept getting referred different support teams.

Is there any way to verify that my account is a “special-dealer” account? And, if that is the case, is it possible for me to change my account type?

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The best way to verify the account type would be by contacting us. The account type is automatically selected based upon where you're employed (for T-Mobile employees) so there wouldn't be a way to switch it while still being employed with T-Mobile at the same store.

i preordered iPhone through Tmobile will i get the apple tv+ subscription that apple is providing?