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You sure do, @magenta8965593​! You'll be eligible for that offer starting on November 1, 2019.  More info on that can be found here: About Apple TV+ - Apple Support .

I preordered within a few hours of it opening and paid for the overnight shipping. When should I expect my order to arrive?

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Nice, @ksha999852​! Our goal is to have them to you by launch day, pending inventory and the shipping method you chose. For preorders, I always recommend that you utilize UPS MyChoice because you're more likely to get a notification with an exact delivery date before T-Mobile updates your shipping.

Hi Amanda,

I ordered 2 iPhones on Friday at 6am! Got the earliest ship date for both.

After order placed address was missing a single digit!

Because address is wrong I believe this may prevent me from receiving the tracking info in my ups. I need the tracking info ASAP as to allow me to ask them to hold at ups distribution center.

can you help

If tracking number is not available maybe the reference number I should use for reference tracking on UPS!

I pre-ordered the midnight green 256gb iPhone 11 pro right when pre-orders opened. The site stated that the phone would ship on Sept. 20. I selected the free 2 day shipping, expecting to still receive the phone on release day like I always have through Apple. I am now worrying that I will get it later than expected. Any idea when I can expect the phone?

Update ***

I have received through my ups tracking number! Had to register incorrect address, will call ups about holding at distribution center for pickup and will update here!

Any Luck with your myups?

No, not yet. Did yours ship from China?

Ready for pickup from IN, US

3 days before im suppose to recieve my 11 pro max and still haven't recieved any tracking numbers or processing order emails. Ship date is sept. 20 and i preordered a min after preorder was available.

When did you place the order ? Mine says Shipping date states following

Shipping method:Express
Estimated shipping date:9/25/2019-

I believe this is a standard response unless someone from T-Mobile can confirm that this will get updated

Preordered on launch date 8:02 says 9/20-9/20

Has the money for the pre order been taken out of your account? When it gets taken out that should let you know that it has shipped. Mines was taken out today.

So, correct me if I'm wrong but after looking at the faq page, it would appear as tho apple customers and t-mobile get's the iphone on this Friday the 20th but actual t-mobile pre-order customers don't actually get their's shipped to them until after the 20th?
If that's the case, is their anyway we can have it routed to our local tmobile store for pick up on the 20th or 21st?

It should arrive Thursday or Friday. Sign up for my choice home on ups enter you information make sure you enter the address you have on file with tmobile and your shipping information should be available once you make an account with ups. My information shows order processed ready for ups. Ups 2nd dday air.

Hi, I placed order for  purple iphone 11 128gb on 9/15 w/ estimated ship date b/t 10/2-10/8. I looked at my account history and it says the following on the same day as the order date 9/15. Why does it say shipped when the estimated date is 10/2? And if it says 10/2 estimated ship, does that mean I'll receive the phone between those dates or they will actually ship out those dates? is this phone so backordered? Thanks.


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Lease Return

Your device has shipped, don't forget to return your old device within 30 days to have your lease forgiven

I had my down payment taken out of my account today and I was wondering when will I receive my tracking number?

When was your shipping date?

Sept 25-Oct 1

My money was taken out earlier today, also but still no tracking info in ups mychoice. Ordered as soon as preorders opened with ship date of 09/20.

I ordered at 7:30am pst and got shipping 09/25 - 10/01

Oh I got the same but still no charge to my account   

Finally showed up in ups. In Indiana, shipped via 2nd day air so hopefully it’ll be here on the 20th. Doesn't give a delivery date yet as the order has just processed.

Any updates on when we'll receive tracking info? I spoke to a rep and she advised my order is preparing to ship, this was on Monday & money left my account Sunday. Still no tracking or updates.