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Mine just shipped also!

Just got the email, ETA tomorrow.

My account just updated! order shipped!!!!

I pre ordered my iPhone 11 Pro at the store one minute after 8 o’clock. My account says my Order is still Processing but my shipping date says tomorrow 9/20. I was told if my credit card gets charged then my iPhone was shipping. I got charged on Tuesday. Just want to make sure my phone is still coming tomorrow but I have no tracking number yet. If you can, update the order status that it says shipped. Thank you

Lucky you! I'm still waiting for a text.

I have to say that I don't quite understand how I pay $25 shipping per each of the pro's I got and I get the same shipping speed and method as my buddies who didn't pay the $25 shipping fee!

I would have at least thought I'd get the next day flat or next day early for the extra $25 but instead got the saver which seems like what everyone else got...

How do I go about getting a refund for the shipping charges or a credit to my account?

Update...Just got a txt from Tmobile that it has shipped. Estimated delivery is still tomorrow.

Ugh, still nothing, not even in my ups my choice account.

Mines said the same thing  Ups says mines is in transit. With a delivery for tomorrow. I’m sure T-Mobile will send the info out around noon.

Oh okay, got cha.

I have mine coming to my work address, so I can't check on there.

on my UPS My Choice account

Where did you see that? On your t-mobile account?

Woo-hooooo!!! Hope that means mine will tooooo!!!!!

Still no update and it says my ship date is 9/21-9/24 but I ordered 25 min into the preorder so I know I got one and it shows on my EIP. I hope tmobile hasn't messed something up for us....

Looks like they are starting to ship.  Just saw 2 of 4 of my mine phones changed from processing to in transit.  Scheduled delivery is tomorrow 9/20

My story is exactly the same! Except I ordered my 11 pro really late, like 4:30 pm on pre-order day. I was billed Sunday, t-mobile app shows order still processing with a ship date of 9/20-9/20. I’ll be a bit upset if it doesn’t ship until tomorrow. Lesson learned to never pre-order from t-mobile again.

Order was placed when preorder first went up, then was charged the 15th. It is now 96 hours later and a day before the 20th...still not tracking or notification that it has shipped. I preordered the iPhone X with tmobile and got a shipping notification earlier in the week and it arrived on launch day. I’m kinda getting the feeling Tmobile crapped the bed on this one and shipping times are suddenly gonna come out longer then expected. I hope not, but no one in here or that Ive talked to has a tracking number yet.

So I ordered Friday morning at 10:30am Eastern (a little late, I know) with a ship date of 9/20-9/20. Got charged Sunday morning and got an IMEI on my EIP page on Monday. T-Mobile app still says “Your order is being processed“ with an estimated shipping date of 9/20-9/20. Still no tracking info from UPS my choice, so I’m just wondering when I’ll actually get my phone    Any ideas?

This is interesting!  I am in the same as everyone else here.  It is my first time ordering via T-Mobile.  A co-worker preorder her phone from Verizon and she has a tracking and estimated delivery time already.

When will I get my tracking info. I haven't received anything and my account still states:


Ships by 09/20/2019

I pre-ordered on the first day and the payment was taken out a while back ago. When I click on track item the page just reloads.

Where do the new iPhones ship from?

I was billed Sunday morning and still have no tracking info... sooooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was charged yesterday but still no tracking info, over 24 hours later and it's supposed to get delivered by Friday.... Not sure how this all works to get here by the 20th BUT if I've been charged, y'all say you have the physical device ready for shipment, so I'm just going to trust you that it'll get here when i was told it would.

Does the payment pending in my acoount with a september 20th date the same as they have my phone ready to ship. Or does it mean my phone will be ready to ship on the 20th?

Once the device is ready to ship, how long does it take for it to be transferred to the shipper?