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We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!

The Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 ​are now available for purchase. This is the best place to chat with the few, the proud, the insanely stoked about the next generation of iPhones. The answers to some of your questions about deals, how to order, shipping and much more are available in our Apple Pre-order FAQs.

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Why can't I use my T-Mobile employee account on the iPhone Upgrade Program through Apple this year? I've used it for the past two years without a hitch but all of a sudden it's not supported? What changed to make employee accounts ineligible? I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place right now because I want the latest iPhone, but if I buy it through T-Mobile I have to put money down, start a monthly payment, and still be paying for my current iPhone through the Upgrade Program. I don't see any good options for me here.

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Hey, @dylanseeborg ! Employee accounts are still eligible to take part in the Apple iPhone Upgrade program. Are you getting some sort of error when you try to upgrade?

Where’s the link to pre-order the Apple Watch series 5?! I’ve been searching the T-Mobile site and can’t locate the item on here   

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Hey, @magenta9948177​! We still have about 56 minutes until it can be pre-ordered. At 5 am PT, pre-orders for the new iPhone 11 and the Watch Series 5 begin. 😊


I am on a T-Mobile business account, is this promo available to me as well? And if it is, is it possible to split the down payment for let’s say the 11 pro max into the monthly payments, paying only the tax up front?

I am on the T-Mobile Amplified+ plan. If I take a vantage of a trade offer toward the iPhone 11, am I going to be required to change my plan?

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Hey, @akrynox​! Our business accounts are most definitely eligible for the current offer, but down payments cannot be split.

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The great thing about this offer, @magenta9948360 , is that there is no rate plan requirement 😊 . So to answer your question, no, you shouldn't be required to change your plan to take advantage of the promo offer!

Follow up question… I know I will get bill credits with the trade-in, but if I want to do an early payoff on any outstanding balance on any new phone, am I going to get penalized for doing so? I know it’s a 24 month commitment on the installment plan but I just wanna see what my options are if I want to pay off any outstanding balance on the device itself and sooner versus later. Thanks for your help.

Yes, I am. I was trying to go through the "pre-approval" process for the past two days, and when I tried to do it, it tells me my account was unsupported on I talked for several hours on Twitter with a different CSR who kept telling me that the account is unsupported and theres nothing they can do. Do you have any insight about this error or how to fix it?

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Great question, @magenta9948360​! No, you'll still receive the credits even if you pay off the EIP early. There are other factors that could cancel the monthly device credits, but simply paying off the device early while keeping the line active is a-okay! 

@dylanseeborg it sounds like you're trying to utilize the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program though Apple directly -- business accounts aren't an eligible account type to take part in that. However, you can visit a store to complete the pre-order or call 611.

Hi, I don't have a business account, I have an employee account. You said those are eligible for the iPhone Upgrade Program through Apple, right? or they have been in the past? I've been using it for several years on the iUP with no issues until this year.

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Gosh, I'm sorry, @dylanseeborg! The coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet. Yep, employee accounts are eligible for iUP via Apple. I believe they've been eligible in the past, too, but am not 100% sure as I usually go through T-Mobile for my iPhone upgrades vs Apple. Let me pass this along to see if I can get anymore info on why you're still seeing an error.

Thank you very much, you're the first person to actually help me in the past two days so I send you my most sincere thanks and apologies if I come across as rude or frustrated, I've had a very stressful past 36 hours due to this problem! I'm still getting the error when I try to regularly preorder an iPhone. My plan was recently switched to the Magenta plan I think. I'm not too sure, to be honest. My brother manages the account because he's the one that works at T-Mobile.

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@dylanseeborg -- just to be sure, do you have a dealer account or an actual employee account?

I think it should be just a regular employee account? He works at one of the physical locations near to our house. Is there a way I can check that on my end?

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I'm sorry the past day and a half have been stressful 😥, but I'm glad we're working on finding an answer! Okay, so knowing your brother is the employee, I'm 99.9% sure you have an employee account and not a dealer account. The plan isn't the issue. Are you listed as an authorized user on the account and able to complete upgrades without your brother being present?

I don't think I'm an authorized user on the account. I tried putting his phone number and ssn in with Apple to see if it was an authorization issue and it still comes back unsupported.

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Hmmm. Did you use the account PIN to verify via Apple? It's the same PIN used when you make a call into 611 and verify the account.

I never got the prompt to put in the account PIN. The only options I have through them is to put in my phone number and the last 4 of the SSN.

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@dylanseeborg I'm sending a PM your way to get a bit more info from you as my support team looks into this.

Ok, thank you very much for your continued support! As I said previously, youre the most helpful person I've talked to in the past day (I've talked to 4 other CSR's!), so thank you very much

I am having this same issue along with a lot of my fellow apple employees who are on the Concession or dealer plans with T-mobile. We have been on the IPhone upgrade plan since Apple started it with this same T-mobile Concession/Dealer plans and been able to upgrade every year no problem. Why did they change it this year and will we ever be able to upgrade our phone without paying the full retail price, because that is the only option they are giving us right now.


We a tax exempt organization but we have not yet provided our state documents.  Can we just order the phones and submit the documents after.  Can the state sales taxes be removed after?  How do I link our tax exempt status to my account.  

I have been on the phone transferred from T-mobile to Apple to Citizens bank about 4 different times and no one can tell me why we can't upgrade with the payment plan. Only option we are getting is the Full Retail Price.