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We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!

The Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 ​are now available for purchase. This is the best place to chat with the few, the proud, the insanely stoked about the next generation of iPhones. The answers to some of your questions about deals, how to order, shipping and much more are available in our Apple Pre-order FAQs.

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I work at BestBuy ((which we don’t carry Tmobile)) and they got in the 11, 11pro and the pro max in and every other carrier and I find it funny that Tmobile only had the 11 to offer..... you do understand that this is putting a VERY bad taste in my mouth due to I switched from Verizon just to be told a phone will only able to be ordered and that it won’t be carried due to “nobody wanted the pro and pro max”, how does that even sound??? Nobody preordered the phone really at BestBuy but on launch day we had TONS of customers. I’m starting to see that T-Mobile’s logical thinking technique isn’t what I would call logical if that’s the truth, and then to ONLY have the 11 in store was nerve wracking..... I’m not going to put down $500 when I have my phone that I was quoted “$610” for being told that I have to pay the $500 just to have the phone shipped to me..... really rethinking all of this as a whole. 

Isn’t it interesting that t-mobile was quick to reply when everyone was all excited about getting their phones, and now that we’re all aggravated that we haven’t received our phones when every other carrier has had no problems getting the phones to their customers all we are hearing are crickets?

i will never preorder again after this fiasco. May even switch to a carrier that can actually service their customers. This is ridiculous. 

Yup... next time just go through the apple store... not putting my money where this lack of "care" is.... and by then even re assess if its worth saving $10 bucks a month for cheaper service

It seems I made a mistake switching to T-Mobile.  I have had SO MANY issues in just 3 months I have been here it is crazy.  Just with this upgrade,

  1. I bought my iPhone X Max from Apple last year (Was on Verizon) with the Upgrade program so that I can always have the latest.  It cost extra, but i felt worth it.  T-mobile said I am best off on Business plan. Great, no problems with switching over.   Come to find out that it means I can not use the Apple Upgrade program!  Only T-mobile limits this.
  2. So after wasting time and money I say fine, I'll sell the iPhone X Max and just get new 11 Max.  They want a HUGE deposit.  Never had to pay a deposit before on ANY carrier.  Have Excellent Credit, never late with bills, ect.  Now waste more time, finally give in and pay deposit and order phone.
  3. Did over phone so I would have no issues.  Specified I wanted to get as quick as possible.  I would prefer Green, but if it would delay order I will take any color as it will be in case anyway.  No problem, it will ship on time should have it on release day or at worst the following Monday.
  4. Still no phone, shipping states 10-2 to 10-8, WTF
  5. No responses from anyone.  Finally get through on chat and told, its coming, just be patient.

It's incredible that I could have picked it up on first day at almost any other carrier.  You cant get a straight answer from anyone.  They are a communications company and do a horrible job communicating!  So disappointing 😥.  I may have paid more at Verizon, but I never had these issues.  All of the carriers have issues, I get it, but I feel deceived.  This is not the only issue, just the latest.  Not sure its worth the savings.

This is RIDICULOUSLY frustrating. on a few different points for me.

1. To have been up and ordered it the same day as pre-order, to get an order number and sign the EIP, and then screen times out but still ends up on a “thank you for your order screen”. To call a rep later and talk about the 4 emails received and SHE confirmed that it went through.

2. It Tuesday the 17th and I’m checking the order status and it says not found. To call you guys talk to a rep, have to place another order, and get what y’all call expedited shipping is frustrating. Like y’all have to do better dude.

Now I am pretty much waiting a whole entire month to receive a phone that I need by the end of the month that I can’t even cancel. This entire process is stupid and ridiculous. Like first rep should have never confirmed the order at all or I could’ve reordered it immediately after. And quit calling 3 weeks expedited shipping. Apple has them and I can’t even go there cause T-Mobile has my money on lock down.

What a joke this whole thing has been. I woke up at 7:45 on the 13th and made my preorder at 8:01 with a rep on the phone only to find out an hour later that my order never went through. Then ordered again at 9:15 am and now my ship date is 9/25-10/01. There is nothing more I look forward too every year than getting the new iPhone on LAUNCH DAY. T-mobile has botched this launch and ruined someone I can only get excited for once a year. every time I have called in they have given me different answers. I don’t know how they can call themselves professionals. i know more about the programs than they know and I dont work for TMobile. They sound like robots reading from a transcript now the phone iphone XS Max that I sold immediately after preordering the morning of the 13th can’t be shipped out to the buyer who has now asked for the deal to be canceled because I can’t ship the phone. having problems like this make me want to go right back to Verizon. As they say You get what you pay for...

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Hey Everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been present on the thread the past few days. I hear your frustration and I understand that having your iPhone on backorder when you placed your order on pre-order day is not ideal. We're shipping devices out as fast as possible based upon inventory. Some of you have shared your original ship dates and have had those dates pushed out -- this happens when the estimated incoming inventory is updated. I pre-ordered last year and had my ship date change a few times because I chose one of the most popular colors.

I appreciate you guys sharing your order experiences so we can take this feedback to the proper team in hopes of alleviating some of the same issues.

So here I sit.  I didn't pre-order and apparently it wouldn't have mattered if I did.  I walked in and ordered two iPhone 11 pro 256's the day the phones released.  Even got charged $80 worth of service fees for the privilege of buying two new phones.  Come to find out that they are on back order.  I was told the green iPhone would be on backorder, but that the space grey should ship out in 2-3 days.  Coming up on a week and a thousand dollars later, still sitting on both phones on backorder.  Yet, I could walk into an AT&T store or a Verizon store in the morning and walk out with phones in hand, rather than a 3-5 week backorder.

Guess where I am going for my next phone upgrades.  Never had issues with T-Mobile until the last year or so.  Protection plans dropping off my account for no reason and now phones backordered for a month and paying extra money on top of the phone price because I didn't buy it online.  It's almost like someone forgot there was a launch.

I’m also having a hard time with my order I actually put in my order 9/27 and only because your system said the gold iPhone pro max in gold was available to ship that day . Well once I put the order in they told me 10/15-10/29 but yesterday I got charged which they said I wouldn’t until my phone shipped ? So I log in and now it gives the date 9/28-9/30 but when I click on the order it says 10-15 still ? And I’m waiting for a shipping notification. So I’m a little confused on what’s going on .

Anyone get their midnight green before the estimated ship date? I ordered it the day that it came out in stores and it's estimated to ship 10/08-10/22. I was wondering if there was any shot at it coming earlier. Im in NY btw.

I joined this site just to rant about my experience with my first pre-ordering of a phone from T-Mobile. I pre-ordered the MG Pro Max 64 on the 18th. I currently have a 7+ 30GB and have have only used 22GB in 3+ years due to cloud services like google photos etc so I figured 64 is more than enough. I have an est shipping date of 10/09 - 10/25 which hasn't budged since placing my order. On the official launch date of the 20th, I went into 4 different T-Mo's here in Chicago to see if I could just pick one up and cancel my order and ALL 4 locations told me they didn't even receive the pro models. Are you kidding me?! There was only one location that did have them, in downtown, and by the time I got there at 9AM they sold out of every Pro model in every capacity. I have tons of friends who have Verizon and ATT and all of them were able to pick up the pro models here in Chicago in their local carrier stores. Why didn't T-mo send their local Chicago stores any Pro models like Verizon and ATT? This is mind blowing to me. I still haven't been charged, just the same pre-order screen with my total cost and est shipping date in October. Customer service say's I will be charged right before the device ships. The thought of having to wait an entire month for a device I pre-ordered enrages me. I wish T-mo would get more shipments in faster so I don't have to wait possibly until 10/25 for my phone. The moment I get my phone I'm canceling and going with a different company. T-mo not supplying their local stores with Pro models on RELEASE day lets me know their company is being ran by a 3 year old somewhere. I'm pissed. Rant over. I feel slightly better now lol.

T-Mobile wants customers and wants to sell phones. The company is not out to mess with anyone.

It has no control over the number of phones Apple allocates. I've looked at threads for every carrier, and see similar complaints.

I assume we are all adults. A little patience is in order.

Patience is one thing- asking people who preordered a phone to wait up to 45+ days to receive their phone is another. T-Mobile didn’t even come out with a statement apologizing or explaining why they were the ONLY major carrier in the United States to not request Pro models in their stores. This isn’t an Apple problem.  Phone carriers request quantities of inventory from Apple based on predicted sales etc. Don’t tell me that Apple decided to supply Verizon and ATT stores with Pro models and purposely left out T-Mobile. And again, like I said, I stood in 4 different T-Mobile stores on September 20th, next to 4 huge signs that’s read “iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro available in store September 20th”, and neither of them had any Pro’s in stock. What is there to be patient about, with a lie?

I’m an old cuss. My children are adults. It just seems getting all upset over a phone order is goofy.

There are a lot of reasons why an order would be delayed, none of which will cause me to even lift an eyebrow. It's not like you've already been charged. In fact, that is a very good reason why they don't  charge right away.

Ordered 9/17, iPhone Pro 256 MG. Original dates 10/9 to 10/25. Arrives 10/7.

I agree, I thought it was pretty weird my T-Mobile had no Pros available but they had the phone on display in the store. They also got the 11 in red, black and white only, none of the colors people actually want. And they are extremely backed up on orders online. Not sure if they have some type of problem with Apple but as a customer I see where your frustration is coming from, hopefully they get it together.

im doing a jump for The iphone 11 pro max, i ordered It the day after preorders and ever since then the order status has been stuck on processing, my card was charged and I was told once the card charges it means the phone will be Ready to sip. so Im wondering why is it still on processing if my card was charged? And has it shipped?

Check UPS. It will likely show there first.

Hello! the phone is locked for your operator, please unlock it, because the contract with you has expired.

Model: iPhone 6s, 16 GB, Gold MM-TD [A1688] [iPhone8,1]

IMEI Number: 353313073971061

Serial number: C7JQJCNCGRY7 Closed

media: US T-Mobile Closed Activation Policy

Country: USA

Simlock: Blocked

I didn’t receive any tracking information, nor did I receive any confirmation emails.

Any clue on when the iPhone 11 Pro Max Midnight Green 256GB is going to ship?

The first indication I had was from checking UPS. Nothing showed on T Mobile. I found the tracking number on UPS.

By the way, I'm using the new phone.

But how did you get the tracking number in general if they haven't shipped it. I can't just hop on UPS and expect it to be there

They just placed the hold on my card today after order on the 22nd but I’m still waiting for tracking as well.