Official iPhone 12 Pre-order Thread

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To get information about the iPhone 12, check out the official

New Apple iPhone 12 is here! blog. This device is available for pre-order on October 16, 2020 and available for purchase on October 23, 2020. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone Pro Max will be available for pre-order starting at 5:00 a.m. PT November 6, 2020 and available for purchase beginning November 13, 2020. Have questions? Reply below!



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I ordered on the 16th within an hour after preorders were available. The iPhone 12pro in gold. I spoke to one person who completely messed up so I had to speak to someone else who assured me my phone on launch day and she even gave me overnight shipping for my troubles caused from the first rep. I have gotten 0 updates from Tmobile, no notifications, nothing from UPS. No charge on my account yet. I could have waited till launch day and just gone to the store myself to avoid all this sh**. I’m irritated at the lack of communication, if we weren’t going to get our phones on launch day why not just tell us so we decide if we want to do it or not? This is pathetic on T-Mobile’s side. What’s the point of a preorder if weeks later we still don’t have it even after it’s been available in stores?

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So much for first come first served and processing in the order in which they’re received. Nothing makes sense. 

I ordered four blue iPhone 12 Pros 256GB the minute they went on sale for pre-order on the Tmobile website for me, wife and twins off in college.  Got confirmation that all 4 would arrive tomorrow.  Based on that, I made plans to drive up to see my twins on Sunday to give them the new phones.  Today I get word that only 2 are coming tomorrow (wife and one twin) and other 2 are delayed until mid-November.  I see that people that ordered the same model hours later are getting theirs tomorrow or beginning of November.  Something is really fishy here.  

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Not too happy with T-mobile right now.  I placed the order on 10/16 within 5 minutes of the system allowing us to order.  I received a text last night 10/23 that my shipping has changed.  It now says I am not receiving this until 11/16.  What the heck!  If I wanted to wait that long, I would have just waited to order a Max.

I preordered my iPhone 12 pro 256gb silver on the 16th and my shipping date says 10/24-11/02. My card still hasn’t been Charged. 

I'm in the same exact situation. Says it's still being processed and no tracking number. So frustrating

I ordered a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro 256GB within 5 minutes of the pre-order date (10/16). 

To this day, no charges on my card, no shipping update, nothing. 

I messaged Tmobile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They all told me my est shipping date of 10/24 - 11/02. They reassured me I didn’t lose my place in line or anything like that. However, some people who ordered after me already got their orders. They stated that pre-orders were meant for us to get ahead of the game. Clearly not. First come first serve? Yeah right.

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There’s something weird, first of all, my shipping label was created on 11/09, T-Mobile didn’t tell me anything but I got the notification from UPS MY CHOICE...UPS is telling me that they are still waiting on T-Mobile to send them the phone, so if the phone was supposed to get here on Friday 13 and it’s already Wednesday 9pm….I don’t think I’m getting the phone for launch day even though that UPS is saying expected delivery date 11/13….also the charge is still pending on my bank account since 4 days ago and T-Mobile app is still showing kept on hold… I really don’t know what’s happening here...

My charge is still processing from Sunday and my shipping label was created the same day as yours. I'm still hopeful the devices will get here on the estimated date, but with no movement today. It's getting harder to believe they will reach us by launch day. Keeping my fingers crossed though 

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Hey guys!

My nephew and I both ordered iPhone 12 Pros (128gb and 256gb) under separate T-Mobile accounts and they just shipped today. We’re expecting to receive our new phones on Friday! 

For the past two weeks there hasn’t been any movement on our account but we just got our credit cards charged and a UPS tracking number. For reference I ordered my iPhone 5:05 PST on the 16th and my nephew at 10am PST on the 16th. 

Hopefully you all get your phones soon!

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Mine has finally been scanned and in transit. Will be here tomorrow. Iphone 12 pro max pacific blue. I ordered on friday (the 6th). Was charged sunday (the 8th) and UPS label was created. Payment finally posted this morning. No status update from T-mobile at all. Still stuck on Pre-Order. So do not go off of what tmobile says. Stick to the UPS info. 

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Update: I just got the email from T-Mobile that my phone has been shipped! My UPS app says the same thing! I’m very excited to get the phone tomorrow!!

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I will be getting myiPhone 12 pro PB tomorrow finally 

I ordered my 12 pro silver 128 gb on 10/18. me and my friend ordered same day but he order it thru apple and he already received his phone yesterday and I still shipment date 11/10 or 11/16 and no card charge yet 

Update…. I just received email saying there I I’m going to receive my phone tomorrow whooaaa very happy I’m just waiting for the next phone cause I ordered 2 gold and silver 

I ordered Iphone 12 pro 128gb pacific blue on Oct 16 and my original ship date was Nov 10 to 16. I saw the est ship date currently says Oct 30 to Nov 2 on the Tmobile app and my credit card was charged Oct 31st. But I haven’t gotten a shipping notification or any other updates though. Hoping to see a tracking number soon!

**Update** I just got a tracking number minutes after I posted. Est delivery tomorrow! Yay!

That’s awesome @fcaplet21 ! Please keep us posted when you get it. If you don’t mind! :relaxed:

I received my new phone yesterday! All set up now. Hoping everyone else who is waiting gets theirs soon. 

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My order estimated to ship 11/3-11/9. Order status earlier said Being Processed and my credit card has been charged for the taxes. Order status is now back to Backordered. Not sure what that was about.

I’m having a similar issue. I preordered 2 iPhone 12 Pro’s Pacific Blue 128- each a different order 20 min apart. The second order (20 min after the first) was shipped today and delivering tomorrow, while my first order hasn’t been shipped or charged yet. They are for the exact same phones and everything. Pretty frustrating. 

I ordered a gold iPhone 12 pro on 10/23. My shipping estimate was 11/17-12/1. I have received 0 updates. I am trying to wait patiently but it’s a little frustrating to see everyone around me get their new phones right away. Can we get an update or something??

Do you have an update on yours yet? I ordered the same phone on the same date with the same estimated shipping dates. It’s now 12/1 and my order status is still “being processed” and no updates at all. 

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@tmo_mike_c ….anything from the powers that be on this situation or are we still gonna be kept in the dark?

You’re talking about the shipping for the Pro in Blue for both variants right? If you ordered one and given a launch day shipping, you should’ve gotten a text message notification with an updated shipping time frame. That device is taking a bit longer than originally date.

I NEVER received ANY communications from Tmobile. Text, Email, Call, Smoke Signal, or otherwise. Yes I am talking about the pro blue 512GB. I had to contact Tmobile to get any info. To say that this was handled poorly is the understatement of the century. 

Placed my order for a pacific blue 512gb one minute before official launch (7:59am est).  showed 10/23 shipping and was changed on ship date to 11/12-11/16 on launch day.  all the cs rep could say is that they ran into inventory issues with this model.  i was never contacted in any way.  with this kind of service i’m considering moving all my lines to another provider.

I’m pretty upset with T-Mobile right now because I ordered the iPhone 12 pro blue 256gb a couple minutes before release and it said it would ship the 23rd. Then it changed to 24th-nov 2nd. It is past the release date and I’m upset that I ordered ahead and still do not have it. I could of just waited on release date in line at the store if I knew it was going to take this long. Some of my friends who ordered the same phone a couple days later already received there’s, and mine has not even shipped. I don’t mind waiting, but it’s not fair that it’s not first come first served basis but just random. I doubt I will be preordering the next one from T-Mobile next year… such a shame..

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To get information about the iPhone 12, check out the official

New Apple iPhone 12 is here! blog. This device is available for pre-order on October 16, 2020 and available for purchase on October 23, 2020. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone Pro Max will be available for pre-order starting at 5:00 a.m. PT November 6, 2020 and available for purchase beginning November 13, 2020. Have questions? Reply below!



Well the time has come where I have been finally charged for my upgrade. My debit card was charged this morning finally. I ordered thru my app on 10-20-20 iPhone 12pro PB 128g. Now shipping has gone from original date of 11/17-11/30 to being shipped 11/10-11/12 

will keep everyone posted once I get tracking info which I have not yet received. 

good luck all. It’s a lengthy process but I guess we al just need to be patient. 

Keep an eye out. You may only get the tracking info from T-Mobile after it’s already out for delivery! LOL I found out mine had shipped from the UPS MyChoice.

Nothing on UPS my choice for me 😭

Got my tracking information on Ups my choice hasn't shipped yet but Friday is the delivery date hope everyone gets updates soon 🙏🏼

Ordered the 256gb Pro Pacific Blue and this pre-order debacle is aggravating. First it was 11/10 - 11/17. Then 11/17 to 11/21. Now it’s 11/27 - 12/08. WTF never pre-ordering with T-Mobile again, worst experience ever with no communication at all provided. 

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I have a little bit of a more unique situation. I was actually unable to preorder the iPhone 12 Pro Max through T-Mobile. I tried for 2 hours (5am-7amPST) on Friday 11/6 with no luck. Website kept saying “We’ve reached a snag” or whatever so I gave up and went back to bed. I woke up around 8am and went on Twitter to see how others were doing with the preorder and saw that T-Mobile was replying to tweets saying to dm them and they’d help them order through dm’s. So I tried it and was actually successful. They were super helpful! I preordered the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Pacific Blue 256gb. Bank account still has the charge as pending, T-Mobile app says delivery date is 11/13-11/13 so hopefully Friday is the day! Good luck to you guys (:

Just got a text from T-Mobile that the payment for my order has been processed. Also the app updated its ship by date from 11/13, to 11/11. Getting excited lol

I ordered the 12 Pro in Blue within 2 minutes of the start of pre-sale with hopes to do a timely product review for YouTube. It’s Oct 27 and still no shipping info nor update. Very disappointed. I’ll stick to ordering thru Apple going forward.

Seeing everyone getting their credit card charged is starting to give me hope lol. I pre-ordered mine on 10/21 and still no luck. Hopefully that will change soon🤞

Update: nothing has changed. Yet people that preordered the iphone 12 pro max are already receiving tracking numbers. This is just ridiculous T-Mobile!!!

Update: They finally charged my card. My shipping date changed from 12/18-1/4 to 11/10-11/12. Status is “running” but no tracking number yet. Please don’t tease me T-Mobile😢

UPS origin scan about an hour ago. Estimated delivery still tomorrow! Still no update from T-Mobile. Anyone else’s scanned and on its way? 

Yeap, mine got scan at 7 am and I just received the email from T-Mobile saying that it has shipped. It took like 4 hours from scan to get the email from T-Mobile!!