ordered phone but account says no order

  • 9 January 2022
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I recently ordered a new iPhone yesterday. I have received emails about the phone. Confirmation order and order processed email. However on my tmobile account, it says I have no new orders. So am I getting my iPhone or not? Can I get my $30 back if not?

4 replies

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Tmobile's on line account takes a while to update so give it some time.

Oh my God, i was having same issue last week, I ordered iPhone from t-mobile over any days I didn't get what I ordered,  but Dionysus_helios on Instagram help me recover my order, you should also contact them for help as soon as possible


Ive been through $105 twice and told different date each day. Now it’s delayed till march 2nd. Be reading alot comments they must nit want new customers. The 1st 105 showed bk last night.