Phone Backordered but Credit card has been charged

  • 19 November 2020
  • 2 replies


I place the iPhone 12 order on 11/14, and my credit card has been charged on 11/18.

However, the Tmobile App show my phone is backorder to 12/16-12/30!!!!! 

Is it that normal, the shipment is not ready, and the credit card has been charged one month early for the backorder?



2 replies

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Your card is charged when the order is confirmed.  It might be on back order but the order is still confirmed.  

Any updates? I ordered mine on 12/30 with a shipping date 1/2-1/4, they charged my card on 1/2 but still no shipment. They keep telling me that it's going to ship out "today", they've been saying that everyday  since Sunday.