Phone Broken since September. No help from T_Mobile

  • 28 February 2021
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I am just furious. My Iphone 11 has been broken since September. I have made hours and hours of calls to T_Mobile and Apple. I’ve gone into the store 3 times. I filed a claim but because it wasn’t dropped or put in water, I wasn’t given a new phone. 

I’m finally trying to change to AT&T and T_Mobile is making it difficult to change for some reason. I’ve had to use my son’s phone for months. I recently found out that there have been calls and messages left of my broken phone, including confiramtions with doctors’ appts which got canceled. 


I think trying to get this resolved for 5 months is long enough. It doesn’t seem like they care about me at ALL. Everytime I see one of their commercials, it makes me physically ill. 


Has anyone else had this problem? 

2 replies


What happened on the three trips to the Apple Store? Did they diagnose the problem? When you say the phone is broken, exactly how?

If this was a new phone did you buy Apple Care? If not, it was unwise not to. 

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Warranties on phones now are pretty much worthless.  If you can’t afford to replace the device you get, then make sure you pay for the insurance on it.  If you didn’t purchase Apple Care or device coverage through T-Mobile, then good luck on getting a replacement.  Especially after 5 months has passed.  Did you try factory resetting the iPhone?