Phone function and Speaker not working

  • 19 August 2019
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1. The phone call function on my iPhone has stopped working, despite hard resets and checking Apple support. I can neither accept incoming calls nor make outgoing calls. The "speaker" function is greyed out (see first photo attached) and then I get the "called failed" screen (see second photo attached).

2. Likely related, the speaker function does not work either - for example, when I attempt to Search by voice, the phone doesn't seem to hear me (third photo attached).


5 replies

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Good morning, @cbecker0404​! It sounds like your iPhone is practically unusable 😥. You mentioned that you're not able to accept/reject calls -- is everything else working fine when you touch the screen? How long has this been going on? With already working with Apple on this as well, it sounds to me like the phone is the issue and a warranty exchange may be in your future. What type of iPhone do you have? Do you have insurance on it? 


I have an iPhone 7 without insurance.

Everything else with phone appears to be working except for the speaker for incoming and outgoing calls. However, (1) I can make and hear calls fine if I am using headphones or a headset; (2) I can play and hear voicemails through the speaker; (3) I can play and hear music and videos through the speaker. The problem is just with incoming and outgoing calls, which is why I thought it was a T-Mobile issue.

Cassie Becker

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Thanks for getting back to me, Cassie. Gosh, I'm stumped! It's odd that the in-ear/speaker isn't working only for incoming and outgoing calls. Usually, this would be where we started looking at exchanging the phone because you already mentioned that hard resets didn't fix it. Did you purchase this device from T-Mobile? If so, how long ago?

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Hey, Cassie! Just checkin' back in to see if you had any other questions for me about your phone. If your phone is eligible for a warranty exchange, you can find more info on that here: Warranty exchanges​.

No it has not